Canceling art and music education.

Suppose that due to budget cuts in your community, the school board decided to eliminate art and music education? Just think the kids would be affected the most and some teachers would be out of a job. Why would you agree to cancel music and art classes? Teachers, students, and the whole district should get together and protest against canceling art and music programs. To begin with, kids would be hurt. Some kids may no ever have the chance to be in art and music.

Parents may even feel as though their child needed those academic activities. And probably move to a different district. Eventually the school would be forced to shut down. Lastly, eliminating music and art education would take a big toll on students. Next, teachers would be affected also.

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Some teachers would be left unemployed. Especially the ones who’ve been at the school for the most years. The closing of the activities would probably leave them devastated. Some may not be able to find another job. The teachers of the activities may have really loved their work and probably had a lot of memories with the student.

Finally, it may leave them jobless. First off, it may affect the school board. Parents probably wouldn’t wan their child to go to a school district, where they don’t teach art and music. Some parents may like the thought of their children playing like Beethoven and Bach someday. Some part of the school board may not totally accept that they’re getting rid of the activities. Finally school board members would disagree so much that they’d quit.

Some may argue that music and art programs aren’t as important as other subjects. I know there isn’t much artist as there doctors. But those activates are just as important as the rest. Kids take good interest in music and art classes. I know I do. In conclusion school boards shouldn’t eliminate art and music programs.