Cancer is a Major Problem

this is about cancerChapter 1: cancerCancer is a major problem in the US and worldwide.

Cancer/worldwide and US. 1,790 kids in the US die from cancer a year or sicknesses100,000 kids under 15 die from cancer a year worldwideCancer is very dangerous being untreated.1.4 among women from 2004-2013/deaths decreased and death rates decreasedCancer support/helping out somebodyGiving family’s supportHelping point out signs of cancerGiving people important facts about cancerSkin cancer is Caused from being in the sun,for example if you are outside on the beach without sunscreen on your cells absorb up the sunlight and split. Your cells start to boil.

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Sooner or later you will find a skin cancer spot. The Most dangerous type is melanoma. Melanoma is when you have an unusual mole growing on your skin. Melanoma is very dangerous being untreated.Can cause you to get plastic surgery/or just plain surgery in general.

When skin cancer is so bad, people have to have surgerys to make it betterSkin cancer solutionsTrying to stay out of the sunLooking up how bad skin cancer isLooking up your skin cancer history will help you find facts that you want to know about skin cancer. Putting on sunscreen will help protect you skin from getting skin cancerCategory/breast cancerBreast cancer kills 206,983 people a year worldwide. Breast cancer can kill people. Breast cancer is dangerous untreated. Women and men need support.Women and men need supportBreast cancerLooking up breast cancer facts will help you know all the facts about and or the symptomsGoing to the doctors and asking for help or for a x-rayAsking about symptoms of breast cancer from your doctorSolutions for cancerCancer support/helping out somebodyGiving family’s supportHelping point out signs of cancerGiving people important facts about cancerOnce you have finished reading this you should know how these problems affect people’s lives.

How many people go through these rough times. Skin cancer runs in my family. Currently my grandma is battling skin cancer on her nose and head. This has made me feel scared and worried that something might happen. This subject is so important for me and other people.

If you know anybody who has any type of cancer help them and support them, And then you will know that in this world you helped somebody who was and maybe still is battling cancer. Cancer is a major problem in this world and humans need to step up and bring kindness into this world. Humans need to step up and help out our community. We all need to show respect and show that we care. Cancer is the topic that I chose.