Carrie Underwood

“I was so nervous when I was on my way to L.A, I’d never been on a plane, and I was going alone. I kind of got teary-eyed. My dad was driving, and he said, “If you want to go home, we can go home, and you never have to think about this again.” And I thought, if I don’t go, I’m choosing for this not to happen.

It will be my choice. So I figured it would be easier for me to get kicked off American Idol than to have it be my own decision,” (The Internet Movie Database). Carrie Underwood shined as a bright star before millions of viewers by winning American Idol. Her vocal talent and personality captured it all. Carrie’s artistic escalation has helped her climb the higher stages of the entertainment world and has positioned her amongst the leading artists of her age group. Without any training in voice or singing, she still managed to become number one.

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Carrie’s music inspires people all over the world. With her merging pop and country together, she was able to pull a large portion of pop fans into country music. As of growing up in a small town to winning the American idol definitely made an impact on individuals who want to follow their dreams. Carrie Underwood was born on March 10, 1983 in Muskogee, Oklahoma in a small town called Checotah. Her childhood was very content, just as an average young individual’s.

She spent most of her time playing outside and climbing trees. She also became a vegetarian after falling in love with animals. Country music was her favorite, but listening to her older sister’s pop music interested her as well. Carrie began singing in her church when she was about 3 years old. Once she started school, she began doing solo singing. It wasn’t until seventh grade when Carrie began performing at neighboring talent shows because of the acknowledgment she had received from everyone.

“She was involved in her high school music program and even began telling people she was going to be a famous singer one day,”(Kay 1). After graduating Checotah High School, Carrie attended Northeastern State University where she majored in broadcast journalism. She became a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority where her sorority sisters encouraged her to sing in public. The Branson-style show was where she sang and overcame her shyness. “It was mainly there that I learned what it was like to be in front of a crowd,” (Carrie Underwood). Senior year the buzz had spread about American Idol, and that’s when Carrie began taking action in fulfilling her biggest dream.

After avoiding the idea, Carrie, her mother, and a friend all drove to St. Louis for the American Idol auditions. She knew that this was one opportunity she didn’t want to miss. At about 4:00 p.m., Carrie finally performed a song called “Phones are Ringing All Over Town” by her favorite singer Martina McBride.

On May 25, 2005, Carrie Underwood became the winner of American Idol’s fourth season. She also received a recording contract with Arista Records, a 2005 Ford Mustang, and the use of a private jet for one year. Her first single called “Inside Your Heaven” was released in 2005 and it went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list. 170,000 copies were sold just within the first week.

As her fame blossomed, she realized that she wanted to finish college. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, she finally graduated. Carrie Underwood isn’t like many other famous people you see. She puts a lot of thought within her work; like when she wrote the song “Jesus Take the Wheel.” “After I released “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” people started saying, Oh, it’s kind of risky. You’re coming out with a religious song.

And I was thinking, really? I grew up in Oklahoma; I always had a close relationship with God. I never thought it was risky in the least. If anything, I thought it was the safest thing I could do.”(The Internet Movie Database). She didn’t worry about what others had to say about her work; she believed in it herself.

While working on her second album, she decided to take a break and take a trip to South Africa for American Idol’s “Idol Gives Back” charity event. Carrie and three other members of her band played for schools, orphanages, and health care centers. During her tour she recorded her own version of “I’ll Stand by You.” “I felt like it was a really good time to start something that could do good for others,” she says, “because I’ve had so much good fortune just poured on me over the past five years that it’s definitely time to give back,” (Carrie Underwood Biography). Carrie Underwood is one passionate person who has done everything she could to accomplish her dream.

Her character has developed much throughout the years in so many ways. She’s known to be capable and down to earth ever since she was little. “I am always impressed with Carrie Underwood’s positive and down-to-earth attitude that she has even after achieving all of this fame,” (Rick 1). Some people seem to take advantage of her because of her sympathy and pity. Her heart is always open to others and a lot of them rely on her when it comes to certain situations. What I mostly admire about her is that she’s not like a normal, everyday famous singer.

She tends to feel out of place in the world and likes to live in her own world of imagination. Even though she is rich, she doesn’t spend her money on pointless things but uses it wisely. She loves doing charity work and helping out with fundraisers. “She’s inspirational, she has the whole package, and she’s got the most incredible range,”(Best Females of All Time). She appreciates all the love and support from all her fans and family. She views life from her own personal perspective and is very attached to her past.

Some people are fascinated by how she does everything sincerely and with passion. All in all, Carrie Underwood is an amazing country singer who not only won American Idol but inspired many people in different ways. Her character and talent has attained the respect she deserves. She’s worked hard to become a singer since she was three. She’s living her dream. Many would take advantage of an opportunity like this.

Carrie hasn’t. This is her life and she loves it. She is grateful for her family and fans. Without them she wouldn’t of came this far. She is a role model and will continue her journey further on.

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