Case Activity Questions

Student divided into exceptive groups, with one group assuming the role of Mat Jon and his wife and the other group, assuming the role of Robert Lung. Then each group has to convince the other party to buy/sell the business to respond to the case questions as follows. The role played by each group has been assigned by the Lecturer.

Therefore all groups prepare for role play. (3 groups on one side and another 3 groups on the other side) Inch group Mystery Of Disappearing Oil Requirement Role Play Role of Mat Jon Robert Lung 50 minutes + submitted report

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Suppose Mat Jon and Pun Assam opts to sell off the business to Robert. Assume the role of Mat Jon and explicitly describe the strengths of the business to convince Robert Leone to buy despite the weak financial position. Assume the role of Robert Lung. What additional items of information would you request from Mat Jon to be able to make an informed decision on whether or not you should buy the business? Prepare a report 40 minutes presentation + submitted report Assume the role of FUD, the accountant. What changes, if any, would you commend, in the management of the petrol station, to Mat Jon?

Why? Be as explicit as possible.

These activities/tasks are to be carried out as a group work base on the group that has been assigned to individual student. Each group are required to answer all the following questions as part of the case question activities/tasks and submit a report base on the case questions. Case questions 1 . Describe four problems faced by the Spotter outlet. Based on these four problems, define the major dilemma faced by Mat Jon.

2. Now, assume that Mat Jon and wife decide not to let go of the business.

Construct detailed action plan for Mat Jon to turn around the business. Briefly Justify your action plan. Report Submission Date: 19 May 2015 Marking criteria for Role Play Criteria 13) Excellent Score 1. Organization (25%) Audience cannot understand presentation because its lacks coherence Audience have difficulty following the presentation because its lacks coherence Students present information in logical sequence that Audience can follow Students present information in logical, interesting sequence that Audience can follow 2.

Subject Knowledge (25%) Students do not have grasp of the information; student cannot ask/answer questions about subject Students are uncomfortable with the information and is able to ask/ answer only rudimentary questions Students are at ease with asking/answering questions, but fail to elaborate Students demonstrate full knowledge (more than required) by asking & answering questions with explanations & elaborations 3. Prop setting (25%) Did not use of prop setting Able to create appropriate prop setting