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A media company’s ownership of Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Books.

Pharmaceutical companies frequently combine forces to share research and development expenses to bring new products to market. According to research by Henderson and Cockburn in 1996, firms involved in drug discovery realize economies of scope by sustaining diverse portfolios of research projects that capture both internal and external knowledge spillovers * The formation of Brook Bond Lipton India ltd. Through the merger of Lipton India and Brook Bond. The merger of Bank of Mathura with ICICI (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India) sank.

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it acquires a business at a different stage in the chain of production. * It may acquire businesses that were previously its suppliers or its customers.

* Backward vertical integration means, merger with the input supplier. * Forward vertical integration means, merger with the output distribution chain d tastes change quickly. An ASOS. om own-brand dress may follow this cycle: * Introduction. The dress is put on the website and advertised. For instance, links to new products are put on the home page.

* Rapid growth. The product tends to promote itself as people see the item in magazines and newspapers. ASOS. com must ensure it has enough stock to meet demand. * Maturity. ASOS.

com reminds people of the product through website or in its magazine. * Saturation. ASOS. com may cut prices to clear stock and allow to take over. * Decline.

People become tired of the item.

Trends move on. Product lifecycle can helps ASOS. com to: features on its new products * predict revenue and work out the profitability of products * plan when products are to be added to the website or withdrawn * support products through the whole life cycle. It can plan pricing strategies to earn the most revenue at every stage. Extention strategies * ASOS com can seeks to beet rivals and increase its market share.

* By using Boston Matrix ASOS. com can assess the value of the individual products and manage them. * ASOS. m should manage the Dogs by getting rid of them or cutting costs.