Sweet Tooth, Inc Case Study

Sweet Tooth, Inc is in the need of 50 new production line workers. 4,100 applications need to accepted with 820 receiving the invitation for the interview, 656 will accept the interview, 99 applicants will be offered the Job, with only half of them accepting the Job. It was stated in the case study that one recruiter can process 100 recruits. For the staffing effort only 41 recruiters are needed.

Looking at the timeline I can see that for the application will take 14 days, the interview assessment takes 7 days, the b offer extended is 7 days, and the Job offer accepted 14 days, with a grand total of 42 days.

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When we look at all of this information we can conclude that the hiring process for Sweet Tooth, Inc, is long. I believe that this goes to show that the company cares about the potential employees. They do not want to hire Just anyone. With this research, I think it shows that they want the best for the company, and they will do Anteater is needed to insure that they do get the best people.

If people were to get patient and think that something was going wrong, they could miss their chance of Morning for this company.

So we can conclude that human resource forecasting is a process that helps an organization determine how many employees it will need in the future to me the production goals. Human resource forecasting establishes what jobs the company needs to fill and what the employee has to do to fill the Jobs. When company matches the skills of an employee to the goals of the organization, it improves the Job satisfaction and helps the company to achieve the strategic goals.