Management Case

Management Case It was a warm summer morning. As usual, Sheila the agent from Massive Crush Gratin Bank arrived in the famous fish market of Bumpier to collect the daily deposits from women selling fish. Sheila started collecting the amount from Sangria and moved on to the next customer soon. When she reached Material, Malaria started crying loudly and touching Sheila’s feet for help. Sheila had never Mantes such a thing before and was astonished.

Sheila thought that some grave calamity had fallen on Malaria and she bent forward and started to pacify Malaria.

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After Malaria cooled down a bit she started telling Sheila that her husband had accessed the bank passbook which Malaria was hiding from him for so long as she did not want him to know what her savings were. So she tried to snatch it away from him and in the process it tore to pieces. Her husband had beaten her up and the bruises could be seen on her face and hands. Malaria felt that she had lost the money in the bank as the passbook was torn.

Sheila told Malaria not to worry and that her money was secure in the bank and a new passbook could be issued to her.

Malaria heaved a sigh of relief. Sheila had to get on with her work so she moved to her next customer who looked at Sheila very angrily. “Masker, Rattlebrain, how are you” ? Said Sheila. Rattlebrain put out her hand which had 20/- towards Sheila.

Rattlebrain said very grumpily “my passbook is not update and I don’t know my bank balance”. Sheila told Rattlebrain that if she went to the Bank she could get it updated. Rattlebrain said “should I sell fish to earn a living or go to the bank to get my passbook updated ? The queues are long and I waste so much time”.

Sheila took the passbook from her and told her that she will bring the updated passbook with her the next day. Rattlebrain told her ” Don’t show the book to anyone – not at all to my eldest drunkard son, Ajax”.

As Sheila was picking up her bag and getting ready to walk a distance before she could reach the next customer, Mammalian a fisherman came running shouting ‘Sheila, Sheila please help me. My wife’s bank passbook fell out of my pocket into the sea water. It is completely wet. The ink is also washed away. Yesterdays balance in the passbook was RSI.

776/-“. As he showed the wet pieces of the passbook,