Ezra case the SOOT analysis

How might SOOT analysis be helpful to Inedited executives? To Ezra store managers? SOOT analysis helps with understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that surrounds the company. According to the Ezra case the SOOT analysis have the ability to do the following: 1- The ability to get product to the arrest quickly within 2 weeks. – Ezra have 7 chains: Ezra (including Ezra kids and Ezra home) pull and pear, Misaims, Duty, Strabismus, Berserk, Shoo and torque. 3- The company has more than 5,618 stores in 84 countries.

4- The stores are stocked with new designs twice a week as clothes are shipped directly to the stores from the factory. 3. What competitive advantage do you think Ezra is pursuing? How is she exploiting that competitive advantage? Ezra is applying the differentiation strategy that differentiate the company form its monitors.

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By implementing technologies and Just in time production, they are pursuing to get an ambitious benefit by being quicker to the market and more reactive to the company’s needs. The answer for Ezra is leading the products to the market as fast as they can, so they are not pursuing a cheap strategy, also they are not pursuing a concentrated strategy.

. Do you think Sara’s success is due to external or internal factors or both? Explain. I think that any company’s success is due to both internal and external factors this is he proposition of the Open System Model.

Ezra would not succeed if they did not tint an equivalent to their internal strengths equal to the opportunities in the external environment. 5. What strategic implications does Sara’s move into online retailing have? (Hint: think in terms of resources and capabilities.

) rhea use of technology to scan the changes is sales and after that reply by producing new clothes as fast as possible this is a strength to Ezra. This quick responsiveness to customer liking would be a great match to the needs associated with internet sales.