Families and Communities Research Methodologies

Case Study ay statesman Families and Communities Research Methodologies: * Phone Interviews * Internet Observation 1) Meaning of Support Services and the purpose.

Support networks are networks of personal or professional contacts available to a person or organization for practical or moral support when needed, it includes facilities and people who interact and remain a confidential communication style for mutual assistance. The purpose of certain services in communities is to provide available support for every member of the community, this can come believably essential in different circumstances, for example natural disasters e. . Tsunamis, Cyclones, Volcanic Eruptions, Human influenced disasters e. G.

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War, Bombing, Car, Plan accidents, Criminal offences etc. All of these disasters are heresies enough for support to be needed, with exceptional and quantitative number of support networks it can be made easier for a light at the end of the tunnel to be visible. Although it doesn’t need to be a heresies accident for support to be needed, many support groups give advice and support to troubled people. E. G.

With mental conditions or offering from depression, anxiety or family loss.

All of these networks are either formal or informal, A formal network is officially run by the government and is recognized over all media outlets, it’s the one that is mostly contactable in the moment time of need for example * Beyond Blue * Centerline * Department of Community Services * Daily Strength ( Natural Disaster Program) * DACCA ( Aboriginal drug and alcohol Council) An informal network is run by mostly volunteers or is run by qualified staff but is self- funded, its advertised during or after a natural disaster or human impacted disaster as happened, it can also be a known help clinic in a community that is advertised for all specific support required e. G. Veterans, Aboriginals, Teen health etc. For example; * Curran Centre ( only located in Orange) * school Councilors * Woman’s Club * Volunteer First eiders ( for Natural or Human impacted disasters) * Blue Ladies : Based at Orange Hospital) 2) Introduction of Selected Services including aims and background information.

Rhea selected service chosen is Beyond Blue, beyond blue was established in October 2000.

It was made part of World Health Organization to help cure and make a spend to the increasing global issue caused by depression. It was soon established as the Tosca point tort depression in Australia. The organization also captured public awareness and by 2009, the Depression Monitor survey showed eighty seven per cent of Australians were aware of Beyond Blue and its work. In late 2009, further funding Nas allocated to Beyond Blue, allowing it to continue its work to 2015. Now with its increased staff going from nine to approximately sixty, beyond blue is continuing its Nor to improving services for people with depression and anxiety and their family ND friends throughout Australia.

Beyond blues aim is to provide support areas all over Australia and Global areas.

In addition to the service’s massive impact and results from the past surveys , the service’s next aim is to raise the level of awareness of anxiety, which is more intensely increasing but less well-known than depression. Annoyed Blue also has other continuous aims, such as its remaining categorized programs for all different situations and issues. They aim to make the public aware of certain conditions and to make something that was once taboo and swept under the GU, easier and more educational, hopefully allowing the future to be more supportive of the condition. Many of the programs they run is listed below. Each program has a target to reach for every individual or group the reach out to the beyond blue services, these services are known as the inner and advanced programs, their specialized to someone’s or some group’s issue.

Beyond Blue’s inner programs: * Aboriginal and Tortes Strait Islander people program * Childhood and education program * GUILT communities program * Men’s program * Multicultural communities program * Older adults program Perennial program – Beyond Baby Blues * System reform and access * Workplace and Workforce program * Youth program – Youth Beyond Blue 3) Target Group with explanation. Rhea target group that Vive selected is the Depression Monitor, it’s a national community survey, to monitor changes in awareness, knowledge, understanding and attitudes about depression in Australia. The first survey was conducted in 2002, with five surveys undertaken, the most recent survey was done in 2011. Since 2005, the data has shown that 3,200 people responded to the survey.

Showing interesting hanged in the response of depression. This organization is created to absorb and maintain data, such as increasing rate of age, gender, marital status etc.

Seeing in Inch category most is effective and then trying to reach out and provide specific help to that section to prevent or stop depression. Surveys and other resources have shown that people can recover from severe depression, but they will need treatment to do so, and on the whole people believe that inclusiveness, and addressing issues directly, are helpful behaviors for those experiencing depression, and have Increasingly considered this to be the case since 2005.

The Beyond Blue Depression Monitor has discovered the pin-point areas of depression showing these trends are evident across all sections to the population, there are certain segments which trail the population overall and need targeting. The groups include: * people aged over 65 * those with high school educations or less * those from non-English speaking backgrounds * people from New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australian * Men. Looking at these groups that show the need of help, you can see the success of the peccadillo programs created for these people.

For example Men’s program, Multicultural communities program and the older adults program. 4) Funding of Service and additional costs. Ended Blue is a government funded, independent, not-for-profit organization supported by the Federal Government and every State and Territory Government in Australia. The November Foundation has also become an important partner in raising awareness about men’s mental health. Beyond Blue also receives financial support, donations and in-kind support from numerous individuals, corporate and on-government organizations. E.

G. Fundraisers. They also employee volunteer Norse to reduce even more costs, so that they can keep up and going. The only costs involved with beyond blue would be the specialized help given to patients e. G. Ups, nurses, specialists etc.

Although payments of specialized help can also be covered for in extreme crisis or difficulty.

The program doesn’t cost anything to view or to become a member of. The only additional cost would be if you support Beyond IEEE and make donations to the organization. Clients can access beyond blue without eying a cent, that’s why Beyond Blue is a government funded organization, so that anyone who feels down or that they need help doesn’t have to miss out, they can have access to it. 5) Roles of Beyond Blue in the community. Rhea roles of Beyond Blue are specialized, every member is a part of a different section which creates the beyond blue team.

It provides a given whole to any region and community knowing that there is a support service that is viral and willing to help any client who requests for it.

Below are listed a number of features and services the Beyond Blue provide for any community; They provide counseling wrought the website or over the phone, and there are three ways to communicate Over the phone ( can call at any time) * Chat Online ( pm to Imp 7 days a week) * Email * They can also locate a professional within the designated area if required or requested. They provide a sense of safety and security, allowing the client to know that their cause is important and that they should feel safe and secure releasing their problem to the Beyond Blue councilors as everything remains confidential and also anonymous reports are an option. Beyond Blue provide information for anyone

No access their site about health conditions, it includes all the risks if actions aren’t taken or the results or lists to action and or options available . These are accessible in the “Facts” section of the Beyond Blue website. They provide access and details of professionals in the area for clients to access so they can start treatment.

This is available in the contact us section and program section of Beyond Blue website. Beyond Blue has a list of specialized programs designed to suit everyone within the given description of characteristics. These programs are; * Childhood and education program Aboriginal and Tortes strait islander support program 6) How clients and communities know about and use Beyond Blue.

A client and or community can come into contact with beyond Blue in many ways, beyond blue is recognized by every health profession throughout Australia, every doctor’s Office has information and pamphlets that are accessible without question. Every Pharmacy has information given to their chemist to be given out.

When giving out medication with anything to do with anxiety or depression, information on beyond blue is given out also. Hospitals have many pamphlets and information on Ended blue for all to see and have access to and so does mental health facilities or services. A community or Client can view beyond blue on the internet, this is advertised on the television, internet, newspaper, magazines and or radio.

The service is easy to use and accessible, there are many links to do on line surveys or test if you have any concerns, and there are also case studies of previous clients who are willing to share their story and success. Anyone is able to use the site and to contact Beyond Blue on any matter, there are increasing rates of staff who are sitting and willing to answer NY questions that are given, the site is designed to help clients and communities, to make anyone feel that someone does care and wants to listen. Beyond Blue is set up so that nothing is hidden, that any one can view the website and see their wonderful success.

Beyond Blue can also start fundraisers or make a fundraiser aware for a community in crisis.