HER systems Case Study

HER systems and administrative functions in a deal worth $700 million over ten years. Main Case rhea deal calls for Exult to handle all U. S.

Roll, HER call-center management and formation systems and support, employee data, staffing, and records management for Prudential’s 47,000 employees. Exult will also be responsible for the company’s accounts-payable transactions. Questions: 1 . What are the pros and cons of outsourcing the HER function? Nothing a business, human resources (HER) staffs are responsible for recruiting new employees, terminating employees, handling interpersonal issues and a wide variety of other functions.

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Many firms rely on in-house HER professionals to carry out these asks but other companies rely on outside companies to handle HER matters. For businesses of all sizes, there are both pros and cons to outsourcing HER functions.

Http://smelliness’s. Chronic. Com/pros-cons-outsourcing-her-administration- functions-22785. HTML 2. What do you think Prudential should worry about most? As far as Prudential’s outsourcing to Exult is concerned, I think Prudential has nothing to worry about. The question is why they would worry if they decided to hire the expertise of Exult.

Of course, before a company tie up with others, it has planned and cited it well. 3. How can Exult make certain that Prudential is happy with its service? As David Rhodes, a principal at management-consulting firm Towers Perrine quoted, “It’s no surprise that companies are outsourcing functions as a way to save money and focus on core business. ” So I think, there’s an assurance that Exult will execute its Job for Prudential in order to make the former satisfied with the latter’s service. Reaction Having a small business is complicated. What more if you have a big corporation? Ah.

.. It’s a headache! Well, in the case of Prudential, it may be better for them to outsource its HER functions to Exult. It comes with responsibility and money. Maybe or real, Prudential wants to focus on its business proper and wants to cut down its expenses in handling the HER. In the business world today, it’s rampant.

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