ASS Case Study

Upon my reaction with this family mom allowed me to Nor with her twins since she is worried about being able to meet the needs of her pun twins since they are so much younger than her other children. I decided to go into the classroom this afternoon to observe the child I will identify as Twins.

This classroom that the twins attend has a unique structure; the twins are 18 months and enrolled in an Early Head Start program. They attend school for 7 hours a week; 3. 5 hours, 2 times a week.

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In the classroom there are 8 children in the class ranging from mom-rye with 2 teachers. The class eats 2 meals in this time frame of being in the classroom. The time frame’s Twins is in the classroom is 8-11 :ma’am.

During my interaction with Twin 1, mom was present for modeling purposes. One of the things I enjoy about the ASS is that we have the opportunity to model for families the importance of various interactions while playing with children. Showing that play really does give us the insight to development.

Before entering the room to conduct our observation, the mother and I went through the assessment so we were able to conduct more of an authentic assessment together. We also went through the questions and explored if there were any concerns.

Mom did mention that biting is something that the teachers are telling her is happening a lot in the classroom, but he feels as though since Twins has gained more language since coming into the older classroom – he has been in this classroom for 2 months now and the family maintains a 92% attendance rate.

While playing together we chose to conduct the observation in the classroom during the free choice play time. Twin 1 was playing in the block area and we Joined him there. Over the course of our time together we played with blocks, used the toys as props for assessment opportunities and encourage parallel play with the surrounding children while still closely watching for opportunities where Twins was naturally completing tasks in the ASS. After about 32 minutes the mother and I met to review our notes.

We went through and discussed individual items to come up with a conclusive scoring. It was a great opportunity for mom to be learning what certain activities looked like and see how they are developmentally appropriate. Having so many older children mom was able to reflect on the fact that she assumes that Twins was capable of a lot more mature tasks than their age band. We showed no concerns, but the most valuable aspect was being able to encourage mom to see the talents her children already have.