Ms. Shoptalk Case Study

Turtle should have given Ms. Shoptalk consistent feedback throughout the past six-months instead of waiting until her formal review date. * Ms. Shoptalk had not mentioned a new service-line consisting of freestanding orthopedic clinics in the local newspaper. * The marketing department hasn’t had any representation 9 out of 12 Satisfaction and General Clinic Operations meetings.

* The preliminary draft of profitability goals had errors in the assumption used to develop the goals.

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Additionally, the goals seemed shortsighted and arbitrary. Comments: * Ms. Turtle should apologize for her poor performance management skills. She should set performance goals with Ms. Turtle.

Monitoring Ms. Shoptalk closer, making sure she is progressing towards their goals. They should design improvement strategies together. Ms. Turtle must provide ongoing feedback and coaching. * The newspaper article should have reflected the new service line because it has a direct impact on the outpatient clinics for which Ms.

Shoptalk is responsible.

You should call he newspaper and ask for a retraction for this weeks addition. * It is policy for every department is represented at every meeting. If no one is available I must be Informed immediately. * Ms. Shoptalk will go through training on profitability goals.

Ms. Turtle will develop a goal plan weekly. Conclusion: Ms. Shoptalk will continue her employment with Englewood Hospital. She will go through additional training in house. Ms.

Turtle will continue to work with and give her meaningful feedback. Ms. Turtle will provide clear and precise goals for her to Nor towards.