Knights Apparel Case Study

Who are the primary stakeholders of Knights Apparel? As we know, a primary stakeholder is one whose personal or financial situation is directly affect by the performance of a business. In other words, people directly benefiting from or affected by a particular business activity. As we can read from the text, Knights Apparel is a private company managed by Joe chic, the CEO.

And the primary stakeholders also include: The employees (120 Markers in the model factory and more other workers), customers (college and university students) and finally suppliers and distributors.

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2. For each stakeholder group, what are their major concerns? The case study identified the concern of some stakeholders for the treatment of apparel workers or some others whose concerns likely involve their own well-being. It depends on every stakeholder group. For example, in the first case those customers who will to pay more so that the factory Nil succeed or the retailers and universities making a special effort for the firm.

And n the other hand the worldwide factories that produce for the firm and who may feel threatened if the model factory succeeds or the 120 workers in the model factory who have far better pay and working conditions than most others in their community.

3. Describe the key roles and responsibilities of HRS professionals at Knight Apparel. According to the text, this study case did not directly discuss the roles and responsibilities of HRS professionals at Knight Apparel, but as we can imagine, HRS professionals are concerned with compensation programs and working conditions. E case is focused on the firm’s efforts to develop programs and conditions at its model factory in the Dominican Republic that are better than in other countries.