Kathy MIX Case Study

Secondly is the potential customer had little experience on using the biocide’s in their metal working and machines. Also the potential customer did not realize that Kathy MIX can solve their problem of odor and dermatitis. 3. In the above problem analysis, there are several solutions. First of all, I would recommend the company to skip the distributors and directly distribute to secondary distribution networks (egg Machine tools shops).

The company can strengthen the point of sales and also increase the sales margin by cutting the first level distribution.

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Secondly the company can organize more promotion and event to increase the brand awareness and also product awareness. For example the company can give out free sampling to the targeted customer directly or at the shop with the information leaflets. It would arouse the interest of the targeted customer to our product and also know more about outstanding attributes of the product. The company should also hire more representatives which specialize in customer service aiming for raising the experience of customers in using biocide’s.