FIJI Case study

Point of view We analyzed this case based on the point of view of the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of FIJI that the prevarication of the company from the standpoint of the government economic recovery should enjoy priority over the recovery of sequestered shares as ill-gotten wealth. Time Context As of March 31, 1988, the capital deficiency has been reduced to 92. 7 million resulting from profitable operations and with a much improved liquidity position despite the heavy interest burden on the DB loans. Case analysis

The provocation of FIJI is one of the highest priorities or it will mean a substantial addition to the government and a further boost to the economic recovery program of the country indeed, it is more urgent and deserves greater priority and attention then the recovery of the alleged ill-gotten wealth , who received directly and indirectly cash funds from FIJI and the prosecution of the former DB governors who approved the questionable FIJI loans to the damage and prejudice of DB and the National Government, all in violation of the anti-graft and corrupt practices act.

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Objectives To recover the DB exposure resulting from the capital deficiency and the huge negative book value.

-to achieve the prevarication of Philippine Journalists, Inc. Statement of the Problem Nat will the National Government do to recover the DB loan exposure resulting from the capital deficiency and the huge negative book value. Action Plan PIG will return its sequestration powers over FIJI and designate representatives of the buyer as members of a new FIJI board of directors. The new buyer will exercise control and management of FIJI through the new board of directors under probably an ended articles of Inc. And/or by-laws -the new FIJI board will be under the majority control of the buyer and will assume responsibility for carrying out he debt-equity conversation scheme to make the FIJI operation feasible and viable.

Alternative Solution -extra-judicial foreclosure of the mortgaged printing machinery as recommended by Asset Prevarication Trust.