Grilled Grip golf Case Study

Grip golf glove by the two methods discussed in the class. Identify what kind of product the Grilled Grip golf glove best belongs to.

Explain NH. I would have to say the Grilled Grip golf glove best belongs to business goods because it is a product that can directly or indirectly assist in providing products for resale. For instance, the glove can assist in the purchase of clubs from MM or even more of their products if they like it. Gloves are not the centerpiece to golf they are just an accessory that can elevate your game and make it more comfortable.

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I also think that the gloves are a great way to get the name of MM out by making catchy advertisements about reptiles and how its grip is so strong.

2. Identify whether the reptile Grip golf glove is “new’ based on the three aspects of “newness”: (a) Compared with existing products, (b) From the company’s perspective, (c) From the consumers’ perspective. A) Compared with existing products this product is new because the innovation of the product is fairly new in turn causing consumers to sibyl learn a new way to use the glove and change their comforts. ) From the companies perspective it is not “new’ it is Just a different product that has increased the level of ability to be able to use the glove properly and when used properly that person will excel in their game. C) From the consumers perspective it is new because they will have to adapt to the changes that were made to make the glove “better” and also because of the difference it may pose from other gloves.

3. How does the reptile Grip golf glove meet m’s three criteria for new products?

It meets its tenable or trademarked technology because it is a very new and innovative product that steers away from the other companies and makes griping the club the clear focus over all other. It offers a superior value because it is not the most expensive glove for $20 but you do get your moneys worth for the price you pay. It does change the basis of competition by achieving a significant point of difference because its gripping ability and its catchy marketing by calling it the “Grilled Grip” makes it more marketable to not everyday golfers. 4.

Question 5 of the original case question, “How would you rate the MM Grilled Grip golf glove on the following reasons for success and failure? .

.. ” I would rate it for success over failure because I think that it is a very attractive product that offers a slightly expensive deal but because of the companies reliability I think the product will follow its criteria. Their glove is focused on gripping and I think for golfers who play everyday you want the grip on the glove to stay and not ware off like other gloves. It shows durability and therefore a higher probability of customer loyalty.