Cable Case Study

How do Information Technologies contribute to the business success of the companies depicted in the case? Provide an example from each company explaining how the technology implemented led to improved performance. Information technologies have contributed to the business success for the companies depicted in many different ways. One of the methods was through the introduction of new hardware that would add to the communication networks of the company. Another method would be the introduction of Business Intelligence tools and software that Mould enhance the efficiency of the company.

The three examples below explain how each of these companies has implemented technology that has led to improved performance.

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Courier – In the case of Courier, the providence of GAPS-enabled handheld has enabled couriers be tracked and orders to be communicated electronically. Also, an emphasis was on making online booking easy and rewarding through the heavy investment in user-friendly applications. As such, customers can track online exactly where their courier is, offering the customers an ease of mind. This change of process has led to an increase in communication networks within the many and between customers.

Due to the increase of information available to customers, and the ease of accessing that information, it has led to an increase in performance through customer satisfaction.

Cable – Through the Implementation of Spa’s statistical software, Cable was able to mine for customer’s data, and flag when a customer was at a high risk of leaving. This provided the company with crucial information about a potential loss of revenue due to a leaving customer. However, as the information was only 70% accurate, Spa’s Dimension survey research software was introduced.

Through the information obtained from the surveys, it was determined customer dissatisfaction usually begins around the ninth month of service, with the bulk of the customer losses occurring between months 12 and 14. This enable the company to further identify the problem through another research in the 7th month, where customers could feedback about specific complains and problems. Through the identification of problems, Cable Mould be able to work on its weaknesses and enhance their service to provide higher customer satisfaction and higher customer retention rate.

Bryan Cave- Through the implementation of Business intelligence tools, it enabled the company to improve the availability, access, and presentation of existing information allowed them to provide tailored and innovative services to their customers. This led to a great improvement in efficiency and higher potential revenue. This tool also enabled lawyers customized fee for different client, hence allowing the client to better understand what they are playing for, increasing trust in the company and improve customer relations and satisfactions.

As a whole, this Bal tool has brought about a great improvement in the iciness processes, results in the leveraging of profits and labor. 2. In the case of law firm Bryan Cave discussed above, the use of Bal technology to Improve the availability, access, and presentation to existing intimation allowed them to provide tailored and innovative services to their clients.

What other professions could benefit from a similar use of these technologies, and how? Develop two different possibilities. 1 technology can be placed in to many various types of organizations and business models. Two different possibilities are discussed below. Doctors – A Lawyer and Client relationship can be very much similar to that of between a Doctor and a Patient. As such, the same model can be applied in the setting of the Doctor in a clinic.

If health clinics were able to give more detail and a customized billing for each patient, it would result in the patient being able to know what he is paying for, instead of a general “consultation fee” those small health clinics would usually charge.

This would increase the patient’s satisfaction and also help patient understand what they have gotten for their money. Such a system would also allow or the possibility of basing of fees on the illness diagnosed, giving the patient a better idea of how the consultation fees are based. A network of information available would also enhance the doctor’s consultation of a patient, with patient’s past consultation information available, a review of the patient’s condition can also be more efficiently diagnosed.

Investment broker – An investment broker is one that Mould be very much dependent on information technologies, and bases his operations very much on IT.

With the providence of Bal technology, a broker could easily access client’s data, review existing market date in real-time information, and buy or sell client’s order in a more systematic manner. Such tools could also generate reports based on available market data to assist the broker in proportioning Investments, reports can also be generated for clients to view existing investment policies and its current standing in the market.

Another service would be the usage of different platform by which the client can make transactions with the broker, other then the traditional phone calls. Software tool in Bal can help transact and note the ‘arioso investments on hand for each individual client. .

Cable developed a prediction model to better identify those customers at risk of switching to another company in the near future. In addition to those noted in the case, what other actions could be taken if that information were available?

Give some examples. There are many other actions that could be done to take advantage of the information available. One critical action would be to identify the source of problem as to why customers leave after 12 to 14 months of service. This can be done by offering incentives to customer for helping to identify different key areas of customer satisfaction. Another action would be to appease those customers and highlighting and acknowledging the presence of the problem that led to the customer losses.

This would be to prevent those customers that are at the tipping point of switching to another other company from doing so, as the knowledge that the company is working on fixing on the issue might cause them to stay on. Ensure the rectification of problems surfaced by feedbacks and complaints through a feedback system to customers and report on the situation off current issue. These steps would improve customer satisfaction through impair elation’s and decrease the chances of a customer leaving. Immunization and Mould you consider letting some customers leave anyway? Why? I would consider the letting go of some customer as some customer are not worth to maintain due to their high expectations or irrational demand, such that satisfying these customer may have a detrimental effect on the companies profits. As these customer are of “high maintenance”.

Theses customer are more then likely to be Just handful in from a huge pool of satisfied customers. As such letting their customers leave may be a better option for the company.