Case Study Alarm Canada

What problems does Alarm Canada hope that Malcontent will solve? They’re hoping that It solves their Inefficient finance and Inventory systems. The benefits of Malcontent that Interested Alarm Canada were enhance volleyball of fleet-wide data. Timelier decision-making, support of Its currently existing business model, and increased operational efficiencies. 2.

How does Maintenance improve operational efficiency and decision-making? MIX claims that their software reduces repetitive tasks and time chasing missing or incomplete information by allowing maintenance, engineering, and finance divisions to easily share information.

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Basically they’re improving efficiency by increasing communication and reducing wasted time. They’re increasing their chances of making good decisions by increasing the information that their employees can share with each other in a timely fashion. 3. Give examples of here decisions supported by the Maintenance system.

What Information do the Maintenance modules provide to support each of these decisions? Maintenance engineering Is the first decision which establishes the configuration hierarchy, rules and maintenance program that all of the other modules depend on. Information being passed here Is the configuration, rules, and maintenance program.

All other modules rely on this information. Line maintenance is the second decision which hares the information of the list of maintenance work requirements against finite resources at varying locations within a flight schedule that is constantly undergoing change. The information being shared here is: what maintenance needs to be done, whoso available to do it, and how much of what resources are available.

Materials management is the third decision and the information being passed here is how much of each part is currently on hand and how much of each part needs to be ordered