Ben Frothiness’s American Ford Dealership Case Study

The effectiveness of team selling was demonstrated by the Reynolds team through their attempt to sell an outsourced marketing plan to Ben Frothiness’s American Ford Dealership. Each member of the group was capable of bringing different formation to the table and together acted as a sales team.

By having the different members of the group bring valuable information to the client, the team was able to portray a professional image which evidently convinced the dealership that their strategy would increase service retention and loyalty among new buyers. Although team selling is an effective way to carry out consultative selling, the strategy does have disadvantages. Team selling requires the aligning of all members in the roof as well as in the company to fully understand the objectives and mission that should be carried out to the clients.

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If different members of the team have ulterior motives than say the company or group, it could possibly create negative tension among the rest of the group. Consequently, this could likely be sensed by the client and could portray the company in an unattractive light. A second disadvantage of team selling is the lack of psychic income for individuals as recognition and awards Nil be given to the team rather than specific individuals.

As you can imagine, this can cause individuals to lose motivation and personal satisfaction. 2.

How did the Reynolds team successfully execute the following critical roles in sales: client access, client education/persuasion, and fulfillment? Reynolds successfully execute their client access when they established the contact to have an access to the dealer which is the American Ford to talked with them more about a new initiative from Ford and they have mailings to customers that could be sorted by rear code.

For the client education/persuasion they presented the report with the customers to determine Just who the dealership’s customer base and they helped to fugue out the best way to implement their program to allow the dealership to customize its mailings for the customers who are active and those who are inactive. Rhea fulfillments, Reynolds build a loyalty among to the customers and they keep coming back because they help dealers to better understand their customer base.