Case Study Leader Price

They developed a new logo and interior for the store and sold products of national brands. This was a total success therefore, they decided to make their store ore attractive in order to attract more customers and make their shopping experience more enhancing. Leader price has become one of France’s leading discount stores as it ranks as the 5th biggest food retailer In France. Its known to be unique because it commits to providing their customers with simplicity and with their low prices they also offer great quality.

They select their products In such a manner that consumers don’t have to look elsewhere In search of a certain product. The number of products they have Is very limited in each category making it easier for the customers to shop.

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They do not only offer fast-moving consumer goods but also sell a range of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables and meat, which are supplied every day in order to ensure quality. Most leader price stores located in such an area where parking isn’t an issue for the customers.

Leader price has currently 600 stores in France and has expanded to other European countries such as Belgium. As a retail brand assess the Leader Price strategy with respect to segmentation, targeting, differentiation, and positioning. Leader Price segmentation strategy involves separating the large amount of customers Into segments.

There target market Is the entire society kids, adults and their mall focus Is the people who can’t afford to buy high priced products.

Leader Price Case Study

They try to provide unique products such as, offering nuts and cheese from all around France. They have set a brand image amongst their customers this involves their positioning strategy.

The products that are sold by Leader Price are very similar to existing products in terms of packaging and slight modifications in their name except the prices are lower compared to the original product. Leader price also provides to health conscious customers with low-fat and low- calorie versions of products such as yoghurt and cereal.

They make sure they show their concern towards the planet and so they try and offer their customers with CEO friendly products moreover, since It’s a discount store and people may have the impression that It sells low quality products, In order to avoid this Leader Price offers cheese and nuts from different region of France. One thing that differentiates Leader Price from other stores is that it gives those who wish to contribute to protecting local producers Trot mistreatment ten chance to ay so at more realistic price, generally 3-4% cheaper than other stores.

They have offers and price cuts on some of their chosen products. Yes, because Leader Price is a leading supermarket in France and it has many abilities and strategies to dominate any global market.

Its tactics to cater to the customers needs while providing them at a reasonable and discounted price is difficult to compete with. If Leader price were to expand in another country, it would need to culturally adjust or expand their products in order to further meet with the customers needs.

For example, if Leader Price opened a store in the I-JAW then they would be obliged to attend to their needs, such as providing local food and delicacies and products that are required for day to day uses. Leader Price is doing quite well considering it’s a discount store, it has to offer a variety of products to its customers and they are very committed to providing their customers. They take into account the needs of their customers one of the reasons to their success in the market.

Even though they carry 4,000 products, they manage to reach a large segment of the market and satisfy the customer needs and wants.