Banana Muffin Case study

The price of Alaskan is very expensive in the market, researchers search for other varieties which are Tindal, Saab-a, and Senorita s replace in making Banana Muffin. The study was adopted an experimental research design which allowed the researchers to determine the acceptability of Banana Muffin using three (3) varieties of banana which are Tindal, Senorita and Saab-a.

These three varieties of banana Newer used to compare the quality of muffins in terms of taste, aroma, texture, and appearance or which of them are acceptable among respondents, involving 30 respondents by means of purposive sampling technique. To gather primary data, the questionnaire was formulated and tested for reliability and validity to ensure its consistency and accuracy. Secondary data were collected from Internet, Books, and Magazines.

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The descriptive and inferential statistics tools were used in presenting, analyzing and interpreting the data generated.

Descriptive statistics such as mean Ninth the mean scale and corresponding as the basis was being used and also Frequency, Standard Deviation and Percentage have been utilized to process the findings, and used as bases for interpreting the level of acceptability of banana puffins among respondents, the Wilcox Signed – Rank Test was used to measure the significant differences in the level of acceptability of Banana Muffin using original flavor which is Alaskan when compared to Banana Muffin using Tindal, Senorita, and Saab-a.

Finding showed that Treatment K which is Senorita got a highest general mean of 4. 32 and interpreted as Very Highly Acceptable. Treatment S got the lowest general mean of 3. 83 but still interpreted as highly acceptable.

Furthermore the result showed that texture of Controlled variable compared to Treatment K was significant.

Replacing the Alaskan Banana by Senorita would increase its acceptability in terms of its taste, aroma, texture and appearance, further experimentation should be conducted in order to achieve a better taste, aroma, texture, and appearance using Saab-a, experimentation must be conducted and this time concentration of Baking soda and Baking powder must be lessened, further experimentation must be conducted by using other varieties of Banana because there are lots of varieties of Banana so that the researchers would be able to know which of the different varieties f Banana would be the best to affect the taste, aroma, texture, and appearance.

Since the nutrients and benefits that one could get from Bananas were already supported by a lot of studies. It can be a business since it would only cost a little amount to purchase it, and they should also make sure that the Bananas are of good quality because the quality of Banana Muffins would be dependent on the Banana that will be used in making this product, using different varieties of Banana in making Banana Mutton can increase auction tot Banana.