Social Nortek

1.Does the social work code of ethics have a viewpoint or perspective on poverty?


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Based on the values of social work, what would be our stance on the situation described in this case study?

3. What could be the role of a social worker in this case?

4. What are the value conflicts here?

Social work is a discipline derived from the professional practice of worker and social Nortek, whose aim is to promote change, strengthening society and problem solving In human relationships to increase welfare, applying various theories about human behavior and social systems, and a methodology in which the social casework, group and community is integrated. For all this, social Justice and human rights are fundamental to social work. In this case our stance is to promote the welfare of Ms. Franc’s.

Advocating on finding a stable housing, a better Job, managing her anxiety and panics attacks problems and open her public assistance case. My role as a Social Nortek would be: Dare François is a young Haitian single mother in her ass she has come to my agency for assistance for herself and her daughter. As a social worker Mrs.. François’ will et with me weekly to discuss her goals and progress.

Ms. François suffers from anxiety and panic attacks which are affecting her work and daily life.

Ms. François reported that an advocacy group requested information regarding their public assistance to help with a lawsuit against the US government. Ms.

François has lost her cash benefits and, is currently receiving food stamps and subsidized child care. Sq a social worker my main goals will be to work with her anxiety problem and panics attacks, keeping her current Job, her public assistance case and educate her about her right for public housing and the shelter system. I would let her know that I’ll be Ninth her during this process.

As for her current Job, I will explore what we can do together to find a specific Job that will reduce her stress and still meet the requirements of. Also work in developing a positive support system in which she can trust and call if needed. Ere value conflict that I see in this case is MR.

. Francoise daughter and her been pregnant with second child. As a Social Worker I need to work not only with Mr.. François but also with her daughter.

Making sure that she is getting everything that she needs in order to grow in a healthy home.