Cloud Nine Financial Advisors

Cloud Nine Financial Advisors Cloud Nine provides its clients with a monthly newsletter that offers recommendations about stocks to buy or sell.

Doug Layton, Cloud Nine’s president, has asked your opinion on whether dot. Com stocks might be good investments for the future. He specifically mentioned Google, Ebay, Amazon. Com, and Yahoo! , but he said How could suggest other companies. Doug wants you to do some Internet research to learn more about these Web-based companies and their future prospects. You can use a search engine, or start by visiting the Web sites of publications such as Forbes,

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Fortune Magazine, Business Week, or The Wall Street Journal, among others. Case In Point 1. 2: Global Hotels and Mamma’s Motels Suppose you work in the IT department of Global Hotel’s, a multinational hotel chain.

Global Hotels runs several specialized business support systems, including a guest reservations system that was developed in-house to meet the requirements of a large company with worldwide operations. Guests can make one-stop online reservations by visiting Globally Web site, which has links to all major travel industry sites. Global Hotels Just acquired Mamma’s, a regional chain of 20 motels in western Canada.

Mamma’s uses a vertical reservations package suitable for small-to medium-sized businesses, and a generic accounting and answer, consider issues such as business profiles, business processes, system interactivity, DE’, XML, e-commerce, and the characteristics of both information systems. What additional information would be helpful to you in making a recommendation? Case In Point 1. 3: What should Lisa Do? Lisa Jameson has two Job offers, One is from Pembroke Boats, a boat manufacturer that employs 200 people in a small Ohio town.

Pembroke does not have an IT department and wants her to create one.

The Job position is called information coordinator, but she would be the only IT person. The other offer, which pays about $7,500 more annually, is from Labeler Express, a nationwide trucking firm located in Detroit. At Labeler Express, Lisa would be a programmer-analyst, with the promise that if she does well in her position, she eventually will move into a systems analyst position and work on new systems development, Lisa has heard a rumor that another company might acquire Labeler Express, but that rumor has occurred before and nothing has ever happened. What should Lisa do, and why?