Students and small businesses

Students and small businesses can afford the company’s products; Customers can enjoy new features will be always updated. Disadvantage: Additional cost to the company in R.

Advantage: Products will be promoted Disadvantage: Additional Cost to the company I will choose the 1st AC which is to Promote Customer Retention because I believe that having loyal customers is one of the major factors in order for a business o success.

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Valuable customers can be your assets as they can promote your products through telling other consumers how satisfied are they with your products. Customer retention is also not Just a short term strategy as it can result to a long term benefits Offer products and services that a client needs Offering quality pre-and post – sales services Set feedbacks from clients for any suggestions to improve the service and the products of the company Provide support and take care client’s individual demands

Stay in touch with the customer regularly Give incentives such as rebates for long term clients Company should be always innovative and updated with the latest trends as there are different aspiring competitors that are always waiting for their limelight. We should always consider the needs and wants of our consumers and be always committed in providing 100% service to build strong relationship with customers. And lastly, always love your customer as the saying goes “Don’t focus on the competition, focus on the customer”.