Political or legal differences

Offering shorter cruises that embark closer to home(economic recessions) Offering longer cruises that incorporate more exotic destinations(economic prosperity) Minimizing staff costs by sourcing employees on a global basis Offering a wide ‘rarity of themes, classes of service, and destinations What are some of the national differences that affect the operations of cruise lines? There are four kind of differences that affect the operations of cruise lines: Political or legal differences Geographic differences Economic differences Sociological differences How might the cruise lines increase sales to people outside the United States?

There are several ways as follows: Promoting the many appealing features of its various cruises and lines Partnering Ninth foreign airlines and travel to get foreign visitors to its many ports of embarkation Neat threats exist? How would you try to prevent these threats from becoming a reality? The threats the cruise-line industry will face consists of : Port capacity is becoming less and less. Pollution of the seas is becoming more serious. A major global economic disaster or a global health pandemic is also the threat. Or prevent these threat, Carnival should do as follows:

Firstly, it should invest heavily in research to minimize the environmental impact Secondly, it should develop a more proper structure to complement existing capacity. 3) If these threats are realized, Carnival should consider the stakeholders’ profit first of all and try everything they can to minimize any damage to its operations and profits. For example, Carnival could provide liners to be used as houses for workers. Discuss the ethics of cruise lines regarding the avoidance of taxes while buying ships built with governmental subsidies. There are two sides of this issue :

On the one hand , who consider this behavior convenient argue that they must do so for competitive reasons and the lost taxes are at least to some extent indirectly offset by port fees and passenger spending. On the other hand , others argue that lesser standards pose both safety and environmental hazards and that in the long- run, the costs to society are high. Rake Home Message Before operating an international business, many elements should be considered. Kook may learn to cooperate with others and take advantage of the resources in international business. Political issues and economic issues matters in international business.


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