Toledo Manufacturing Company

Toledo Manufacturing Company rime Context: Present Problem of the statement How will be Toledo Manufacturing Company solve in over spent on hardware items and how will Mr..

Jose Tan know who is stealing in their company. Statement Of The Objectives or know who is the one who steal in the company. To achieve the less spent on hardware items. Areas of consideration Strength 400 workers and managers employed by Company. All manufacturing operation where carried on in a 20 years old.

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Tory factory located on the outskirts of the City Manila. The Company has a Production shop. Ere Company has a Storage area. Ere management and staff offices where scheduled to be moved into a new building adjacent to the present factory in early 1967. The Company has 3 Buyers. Meanness Mr.

. Lazars not productive enough he takes too long to deliver the parts and his buying is too expensive. The employees are no communication to Mr.. Lazars. Over spent.

Alternative Courses of Action 1. Buy a hardware items in low cost. 2. Investigate Mr.. Lazars .

Find Sponsor for the hardware items. Analysis Cheaper price Quality products Knowing the truth It will destroy the image of the people who steal in the company. 3 Less expenses Nee the company is going down the sponsor will not support the company. Conclusion Cost efficient Case of Implementation Timeliness Rota: Plan and action Activities Person/responsible Estimated Time Buy a hardware item I n a low cost. Buyer 1 month Investigate Assistant Manager 2 months Find sponsor Manager 5 months