Takeaway Charles Pizza Case Study

The, then new, CEO of Takeaway Charles Pizza, made the decision to vive the company a revamp in 2004, by announcing a ground-breaking new product line to be launch. The new innovative line would be focused towards the healthier, low fat, low sugar trend that came about in their industry. It would only make sense for the hundred year old company to keep up with the times/ trends.

In January of 2004, Takeaway acquired a 20 year marketing veteran from Campbell soup, Karen Scouts. She was immediately given the task of bringing their dead off new healthy, low Carr product line into an actuality.

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By the middle of the onto, the manager of research, John, obtained the very first trial batch of their new low-Carr snacks for a tasting with Scouts and her colleagues. The low-Carr cookies Newer a hit, but the doughnuts Just were not fancying their pallet. So back to the drawing board they went to brainstorm some other healthy snacks to introduce for the “Greta” project.

The manager of research John, Seasick, Karen Scouts, and staff from all areas of the Takeaway company worked together to improve not only the taste of their products, but their quality, ingredients, shape, toppings, and portion size.

Just like Scouts stated “people eat with their eyes” Only a short four months later and Sensible was introduced to the decision makers of the Tasty Baking Company. The new no sugar, low-Carr, and portioned controlled snack called Sensible, hit the shelves by launching in August of 2004. Not only will Takeaway gain their lost consumers back, but also gain new health conscious consumers and repeat customers. We saw Takeaway had a big problem. They were losing sales rapidly because of their lack of offering health conscious snacks.

= which is what consumers Anted.

Minored to fix this issue, they would need to address the questions of: how can they boost their performance and sales? What do consumers want? What is the most efficient route to take in order to provide them with a great product? How quickly can they flood the market with their brand? Would it be profitable? What costs would they incur by changing their product line? A SOOT analysis of Takeaway would begin with their strengths. Takeaway has the strength of being a veteran company in the food industry. They have had loyal customers, suppliers, workers etc. And a good public image for years.

Their Insaneness can include not having the veteran marketing personnel to tallow where the trends of the industry is going.

Also they are late to the ball by not introducing healthier products before their competitors. Takeaway does have the opportunity of Introducing their version of a healthy snack. They can also regain lost consumers who are now health conscious or on a special diet. When it comes to threats, there may be trend change or other health factors that could come about. Lets says that their Ingredients, for their cookie, polyesters and glycerin were found to be cancer causing.

This would definitely cause a big threat on business. Following the four phases of a new product process, we can see that the company generated a new product as a “spittoon” of their century old business. They also Changed their marketing plan to suffice the current market. They changed their resources such as suppliers to coincide with their product advancement. We saw them use a concept generation by selecting a highly profitable opportunity and customer wants .

They even went above and beyond by generating a no sugar cookie along with their low-Carr idea.