Definition Management

Therefore as the top managers they must control the will of charting,events out of course. B)Making good decisions:. Engine the managers,they makes consistently good decision to achieve the intended goals. .

Egoistic objectives:. Some times they have to used “Egoistic Approach”. They have the control to achieve the desired goals. Following are some factors indicating problems with an out of control ego:. ?+ Communication backwardness *Poor morale *Red typist *Decreasing sales results *Less profit year to year 3.

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Communication:. They may face communication gap between them and their subordinate management. Effective team work is the result of freely discussion mongo them and their employees. Employees feels that there is difference between them and their superiors as the result mistakes arises. 4.

Motivational issues:. Employees who are uninterested in achieving the goals are not usually productive. As the top managers they must work with employees to figure out a effective incentive structure. 2. Basic functions of management:.

For seeking the basic functions of management we have to defined it for better understanding.

.. Definition “Management is a process of planning,organizing,leading and controlling the organizational resources to achieve the organizational goals effectively and efficiently’. According to above mentioned definition there are following functions of management. 1) Planning 2) Organizing 3) Leadership 4) Control 2. Sing description from the case,Describe Bert and John’s managerial style,would this approach works tort other organizations? NY or why not? Answer:.

Intact,Be and John’s style is managing the “PEOPLE”. It can works for other organization also. Both the Bert and John sets their motto and enhance the company’s culture. 3. How do you think the company’s motto”Do what you like. Like what you Dimmitt effect how managers manage? Be specific.

Answer:. The motto “do what you like,like Neat you do”is a kind of culture. Let might effect that the which kind of employees the manager want to hire and how they encourage them to work more hardly.

The employees can easily identify the company through this motto. 4. What managerial Challenges might there be in having friends work for your business? How could these Challenges be kept inconsequential? Answer:.

The challenges having friends work for {Our business is hardly to manage it. Sometimes they forgot that you are their boss infant,they consider Just friend. But the positive factor is you can easily make sure to perform their role. Rules for everybody are equal and should follow by all. 5.

Would {oh want to work a company like this? Why or why not? Answer:. The answer from mine side is absoluteness’s”. Their are many reasons of answering the miss”. The first and foremost reason is the “Maintenance of stress free environment for all employees”This effective style of management encourages the employees to learn more and more new things. 6. An what ways would the life is good managers? Be specific in your description?