Сoncept of Business Process Management

Contrast the process training methodologies of your organization (or one you are familiar with) with those discussed in chapters 11 and 13. Highlight ONE mechanism or measurement that you believe would be beneficial if integrated or refined in your organization. Give specific examples and explain your rationale. Process training methodologies in my organization contrast from those in the text in that the teaching techniques at the individual and group levels do not follow a particular order that is needed for an individual to gain knowledge.

The training at he individual level needs to be constructed to form the foundation in which learning can expand to group processes.

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The ideas of using individual and team based performance curves are not used. The idea of being a union shop leads to more off knowledge of seniority and individuality other than using the different types of groups needed to model a Team Performance Curve. Pie charts are filled in by quarters detailing ones skill achievements (learning).

Teams are encouraged but the key elements that make up teams are not discussed. Barriers related to objectives, outlooks, roles and selection as described in the text are not communicated.

The use of business processes in my company are more dictated from senior management than a cross functional approach. Processes are more departmental developed with questions and answers coming from only departmental employees. Ere concept of Business Process Management (BPML) is constrained to only a few managers rather than a cross functional approach.

The ideas of using process training models as related to capability maturity, performance or lean principles Mould be a great tool to use to determine the wellness of the company. One mechanism that would be beneficial if integrated into our company structure would e a mechanism that is used in group learning. The mechanism is the ability to share and use information in real time.

In our production processes we have mechanisms that capture real data about what is happening during the assembly.

Information concerning equipment downtime, conveyer transfers, Job loading, material sequencing, direct run rate and production defects are all being captured. It is the need to transfer this data into informative information and manage the plant in real time that is lacking. All of these mechanisms require an individual knowledge but should be communicated within a group learning methodology. The idea of evolving high performance teams is what we should be striving for.

This form of team coupled with information about real time activities would enable the facility to reach its maximum potentials as well as enable a thought process that would identify potential negative impacts to the process.

Our business is process driven in every aspect. There are teams within groups of individuals responsible for areas in the production process. Team performance curves should be used to illustrate the impact and effectiveness of these organizations. It takes well thought out processes by talented individuals working in groups for any company to succeed.