Virginia College Case study

Virginia College Jennie has been treated for adult-onset asthma for 3 years.

She has been doing fairly well with her inhalers, but today she receives a prescription for Mountebanks Singular), one 10 MGM tablet daily. 1. How does this medication differ from the corticosteroids that are used to reduce inflammation? Mountebanks is a leistering receptor antagonist that is used to lower the inflammatory response in the patient’s nuns.

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The difference is that it does not have the side effects that corticosteroids have. 2. Jeannie says” I hope this medicine works better than the other one I took En I had an asthma attack.

” How will you reply? You should explain that this medication is for the reduction of asthma attacks, and does not prevent them. That she should still carry around her inhalers Just in case of an attack. But that this medicine should reduce the frequency of the attacks. 3. Jeannie takes ibuprofen

David) on occasion for arthritic pain. How do you advise Jeannie regarding taking over the counter drugs with mountebanks? You should make sure that she understands that she should speak to her doctor before she takes any over the counter medication.

Also explain that some medicines my interact with her prescribed medicine and that is the reason that she should check in with the doctor first. 4. After 3 months, Jennie stops taking the mountebanks. She says” My symptoms are