Marketing Management Case study

To best answer that question, we need to better understand what a mission statement is.

In our text a mission statement is defined as: “Statements that organizations develop to share with managers, employees, and customers; providing a clear thoughtful shared sense of purpose, direction and opportunity’ (Marketing Management).

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This essay will explain the 5 major characteristics of what it takes to develop a quality mission statement. It is crucial for companies to develop and market an effective statement as it is their redeemer; often times the first information one seeks. A mission statement needs to contain selective, succinct, and clearly outlined goals. It is pertinent that the overall statement be brief, concise and to the point; mission statements that are too wordy lose sight and focus.

In doing so, one must emphasize the company’s most vital ‘ales and policies. After reading an effective statement you should clearly understand the purpose and vision of the company. Long term, onward and upward goals are important facets as well, leaving a reader with detailed and positive information describing the company in a snapshot. A company’s mission statement, ‘at its absolute best, should be able to double as your slogan” (Inc. Com).

They also need to be frequented by those within a company; discussed during interviews and staff meetings and to be revisited on occasion to ensure the respective company is still on course, or if adjustments and modifications need to be made. References Kettle, Philip 2012 Marketing Management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall 5 tips for a useful mission statement. Water aerobics. Inc.

Com. Retrieved January 21, 2013, from http://www. Inc. Com/as/5-tips-on-developing-an-effective-mission- statement