The Case of Lynn and Mark

On the other hand Mark was too busy being sarcastic that he didn’t take the time to listen to what Lynn had to say. P. II) States that a knowledgeable employee know how to cope with changes It seems as though Mark was mad that Lynn was chosen to be head of the new department he did have the most seniority.

It also states that a knowledgeable employee understands management and the role of the manager. Mark was not respecting Lynn role as head what so ever he kept cutting her off from the conversation and he was taking over the meeting instead of letting Lynn do her he position.

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But then again the books states that a person who is Just an employee may understand none of the things it take to be a knowledgeable employee hat’s probably why the company chose Lynn to be head of the department. . Using the nine-step decision-making system: a logical approach to problem solving, describe (step by step) how Lynn can apply the model to resolve her problem Ninth Mark. Rhea book states that p.

57 problem solving and decision making can be related it says that they have differences and a major one is problem solving it is used for solution needs to be created and decision making is used when a solution needs to be identified.

In the case of Lynn and Mark they didn’t come into the meeting with a problem they developed it during the meeting with mark being aggressive. Lynn needs to first recognize the problem and let Mark know that he is out of control and that she is in control. Lynn already know that there is a problem because Mark feels like that should be his position and not Lynn. She needs to let mark no what she expects from him let him know that she value his idea but it is a team involve and she would like to get more feedback from the employees before she Just run with his dead.

Lynn needs to get everybody together to gather each others opinion to see Inch best fits the situation so they can all get it right together instead of having to do it all again, and everybody can be satisfied.

. Nonverbal communication is a component of communication. What types of nonverbal communication did Mark exhibit? List the types, discuss them and explain the “message” they sent to Lynn. If you were Lynn, what type of nonverbal communication would you exhibit during this conversation and why? ‘p TA sees that actions speak louder than words.

Not only did Mark enter the late En he did come he spoke but he was being very sarcastic. While Lynn was talking to him he was looking at everything but Lynn usually when people communicate they look straight into someone’s eyes so mark started off showing her he was not interested in what she had to say.

Maintaining proper eye contact conveys a message of warmth and concern for the listener. P. 84 His posture was also off while Lynn was talking to him Mark was leaning back in his chair looking at the ceiling he was not engaging no kind of communication.

Mark was not facing Lynn he was doing everything but that. 4. Identify and discuss two concepts, ideas, or theories from your text that could be applied to this situation to identify why this situation possibly occurred or that could be used to ensure the situation does not occur again (choose concepts that Newer NOT addressed in the first three questions) he concept that I chose was halo effect I chose that because Mark was Judging Lynn simply because he felt that the position should be his because he has more seniority the Lynn.

He feels like he should be head based on his seniority. He didn’t take the time to get to know Lynn and base I on that he instantly started with an attitude. Another concept I chose was Authority level Mark needs to respect t the fact that Lynn is the new head of the department he need to get in compliance with that because the department chose her for a reason. Lynn also needs to step up and authority to work and set Mark straight.