CAB Case study

Jack Hawkins is a professional, a ground breaker in what he does, as he had a reputation for being the best sport producer in the entire market. This documentary was scheduled to be air on a Friday night at pm, unluckily this was not aired on that day, and the whole work crew starts putting the fault on another to cover them from being accused. According to the flow of this organization, one of the production manager (Bill Jay) duties is to deliver such tapes to the traffic department before the airing time.

So what exactly happened on that day was Jack was editing the tape on the very day it was to be aired.

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Even couple of hours before to pm still he was editing this documentary, Susan from the traffic department met Bill Jay the production manager and ask for his very tape, and he has said that Jack is still on process in editing so he will bring the tape to Susan on time and also he has promised.

A considerable time before 9 3111 contacted Jack asking for the tape, and he was still editing so Bill told Jack “Be sure to take care of your tape”, Bill has meant to take the tape to the traffic department by that very phrase and Jack has misinterpreted and thought that he was called to left the tape at Bill’s. So either way both was wrong and for this misunderstanding and the inappropriate communication has made a horrifying day for CAB and its work crew. This case also shows that there is an imbalance of the organizational background of this company when it comes to respect and communication within the high and low levels employees.

Organizational Hierarchy-based on the characters of the case Characters of the case Ann Howard-program director for 10 years and counting Bill Jay-production manager ebb Gibson- Station manager Roy Hart-News director lack Hawkins-Sports producer Ion- Works at the master control Susan-Works at the traffic department Answers for the questions in the case study 1 . Is the problem in this case related to the formal or the informal organization? Who Nas formally responsible for the mix up? Would a change in the structure of the organization keep the problem from happening again?

Formal organization must be flexible each and every person is assigned the duties and given the required amount of authority and responsibility to carry out the Job.

It creates co-ordination between Norse to achieve common goal. The inter relationship of staff members can be shown in the organization chart and manuals under formal organization. Informal organization is an organization which establishes the relationship on the basis of ember’s interaction, communication, personal likings and disliking and social contacts within as well as outside the organization.

The informal organization relationship exists under the formal organization also. The informal organization gives a greater Job satisfaction to the individuals and results in maximum production.

Applying this to the CAB missing tape scenario it’s obvious that, the misplacement took place due to not coping up with the instructions assigned and the organizational principles. When individuals tries to set up their own background to stand on, rather Han following up with what they are exactly asked to do, then the outcome will be as such.

It’s distinct that some departments of CAB are encompassed with informal organization but Jack Hawkins, Bill Jay and the master control are responsible for this entire mess (formally). Jack Hawkins-he could have finish the editing a day or two earlier. Bill Jay- for not fulfilling the promise and also improper transmitting of messages: “make sure to take care of your tape”.

Master control-could have call Jack Hawkins even a minute earlier to the airing time. A simple alteration to the structure ND a new set of rules will remedy in resulting such cases again.

Also by making aware what Jack, Bill and the master control has done exactly. 2. Would you describe the organization at CAB as loosely or tightly coupled? Is that DOD or bad? What effect does the organizational structure have on the constraints or the agency of the individuals? Tightly coupled relationships are noted for the closeness of resources; loosely coupled relationships are noted for the space between resources.

(wiseacres, widespread) Its somewhere in between, when comes to Jack and Bill they are not coupled at all, and that’s the prime cause to this entire hinge.

About the rest of the work crew they are sort of tightly coupled, being so close Nil do for a family but not for an organization so they should reconsider in Justifying it. Moreover, being so close will make individuals to comfort themselves in a working environment, that’s what exactly, happened here. If they Just rush a bit and make some phone calls they would have found the tape on time. As individuals we should be capable of adopting any of the two above techniques, evidently when working with team.

There are times where we should adopt one even both of these coupling quenches.

Being incapable of doing so will result in many adversary effects like not ¶Ewing tillable, not enabling ourselves to built relationship WI forth. TN the work crew and so 3) What are the issues that emerge from the case according to our understanding? This case shows that there is an imbalance of the organizational background of this company when it comes to respect and communication within the high and low levels employees. Especially the contradiction between the production manager and the sports producer for CAB is the key issue on the first place to misplace this tape.

The simply misunderstanding of transmitting words from an individual to another did make a horrifying day for the CAB and its entire work crew. They Just lost faith by losing the only thing which they had right on their hands to bring them up from their turn downs.

Also through this case study we can assure that CAB has been productively inefficient all while, until this new company start to show off and tries to surpass CAB, they were inactive and they weren’t planning at all to develop its TV programs further to grab up more viewers.

Though it’s a reputed and a leading TV taxation, still they could have prepared any contingency plans in case if the competitors came up with new strategies. 4) To what extent are the issues of integration and differentiation helpful in understanding this case? Integration Integration relates to how different areas of the company coordinate and how they exactly operate. A highly-integrated company has strong connections between departments and product lines; in general it has its own set of rules and strategies.

Integrated companies are highly vertical and hierarchical in nature. These companies operate from a “top-down” mindset, where the management dictates the structure of ACH department rather than allowing the individual departments to set their own agendas.

What are the issues of integration and how they were helpful in understanding this case? Bill Jay did not fulfill his promised to Susan; he did not deliver the tape to traffic department. Jack Hawkins did not inform Susan that he left the tape on Bill Jays.

Due to those reasons, it clearly depicts that these individuals are not actually integrated with their work at all and the way that Bill and Jack communication was improper. Differentiation Differentiation refers to how a business separates itself into key components. This is ere common among larger companies; the more the company grows, the more differentiated it tends to become. Differentiated businesses give certain components great deal of autonomy.

For example, Business culture may differ significantly between IT department and the marketing department.

A business must decide if it Ants to differentiate based on product offerings or some companies may prefer to divide into sectors that each produces only one product with functioning, marketing and accounting centers for each of those products. What are the issues of differentiation and how they were helpful in understanding this case? Time orientation was a matter with Jack Hawkins. He should have been more responsible Ninth his work. All the departments were differing in their formality.

While Susan at the traffic department was trying to be very tidy Witt nerd work, Jack Hawkins at the production department did not support her by delivering the tape on time. Production manager Bill Jay and the sports producer Jack Hawkins were not really supportive with each other. 5. Do a network analysis for each key player in the organization. Where does information flow overlap for each key player? How is information transmitted in the organization? How would you remedy this situation? Organizational network analysis IS a method for studying communication and socio-technical networks within a formal organization.

It is a quantitative descriptive technique for creating statistical and graphical models of the people, tasks, groups, knowledge and resources of organizational systems. (Wick) Sample sketch- Key players- Jack Hawkins, Bill Jay & Susan Nat was supposed to happen-? Nat Bill Jay thought would happen- Nat happened truly-? According to the organizational hierarchy drawn on page 3, what must precisely happen is that the sport producer should handover the tape Just before a day or two even a couple of hours before the airing time to the production manager.

Then he should hand over it to the station manager, thereby he affirms whether the tape is ready to be aired and pass it to the master control then finally to the traffic department. 5) Propose a solution. Interpersonal Orientation It defines the Orientation towards developing and maintaining interpersonal relations among employees and others; Is likely to make an effort, while carrying out his/her daily responsibilities, to nurture and support others, but in this case there Nas lack of interpersonal orientation between employees.

Jack Hawkins did not support Susan by delivering the tape to the right place at the right time, although lack Hawkins and Bill Jay were not supportive to each other.

Rime orientation of members rhea time orientation of members of the different units was measured with a question Inch asked for an estimate of the percentage of time used working on activities affecting the organization’s profits within a specific time period. In this case study, time orientation tot members was another issue. Especially Witt Jack Hawkins not finish up his work on time and it lead tot big issue. Goal orientation of members

Goal orientation of members defines, likely to make an effort, while carrying out his/ her daily responsibilities, to nurture and support others. According to this particular point, Bill Jay promised to Susan that he would deliver the tape to master control, but eventually he did kept his promise. So that Bill Jay was not goal oriented at that moment.

Accordingly Interpersonal orientations, time orientation of members, goal orientation of members are the solutions for above issues we’ve been discussing. If these three solutions were adapted to CAB, they would not have faced those issues mentioned above.