Case Study and Right Implementation Strategy

This assignment involves reading two case studies and answering both questions under “Discussion Case 1” ( Chapter 1 Opening Case “Hershey Enterprise 21 Project” ) and answering the following questions for case 2 “Rolls Reece’s ERP Implementation” (Chapter 1) that are listed on page 34 in the text which are the following: 1 . What do you think of Or’s ERP Implementation Project? Did they select the right implementation strategy? 2.

Discuss the Critical Success Factors of Or’s implementation strategy and the role of Seems In the project. . What advice can you give to Or’s technical team on their approach of migrating legacy system, with the SAP software? Please submit the answers to the three above questions in either a PDF or word document via the learning Assignment 8. Please do not forget to answer the two questions listed under Discussion Case 1 directly there. Do not put these answers in the document with the 3 questions above from the Rolls Reece’s case study! . What do you think about Heresy’s ERP strategy? (1) Hershey made a poor strategy when implement the ERP 2) They start the Implementation of ERP when they lacked the necessary people at the top management level to make decisions on the Implementation plan (3) Implement too many changes too fast (4) Heresy’s employee were not trained for the data entry when the system change so sharp (5) Top management didn’t get involved in any implementation 2.

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What lessons can be learned from the Hershey experience? (1) Go slowly and use a phased- In approach (2) Train the worker to get use to the rigid data required system (3) A team of top management must steer the launch of software (4) Keep simple and limit the number of software application once a time (5) Functional group must communicate with IT on data request (6) Get worker involved in process map 1 .

What do you think of Or’s ERP Implementation project? Did they select the right Implementation strategy P Implementation Is Invent tattled silence ten need of handle the volume of data and growth of the company, however the success cause of right implementation strategy and excellent IT team. Seems in the project. ) The critical success factor is OR had an excellent ERP team both DES personnel and SAP consultants to implement the SAP smoothly from legacy system and identified problem of implementation of ERP beforehand First, they hired SAP consultant help with implementation Sec, SEEM know cross- functional business relationships and experience of the old legacy systems