Case Study Apple Inc

As being one of the leading computer companies in the world Apple Inc. Had their pros and cons in the Industry. From the article, over the years this company went through much development and reorganization. In the beginning Apple was started with only two people and then eventually three each specializing in a different area. Mike Markup was the business guru was the third body that Joined Jobs and Woozier as he was also the venture capitalist for that company.

Apple developed and by April 1978 they had developed the Apple II and gain bout $1 billion in annual revenue. As the years moved on Apple was place under different management 1985-1 Johnny Scullery, 1993-1997 Michael Spindled and Gilbert Amelia and eventual Steven Jobs. During 1993-1997 Apple went through their worst years as many upgrade and project were scraped and they tried to move in to the mark of making serves and internet access devices over $1. 6 billion dollars was eventually lost under Gilbert Amelia in the latter years, the board eventually forced out Amelia.

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As mentioned before most of Apple’s down fall happen In 1993-1997 under Michael Spindled and Gilbert Amelia.

While Spindled old try to energize Its core markets Like education and desktop publishing, he sabotaged his plan before It was start by placing MAC SO on Intel Chips then announce only a hand full of companies would be able to make MAC clones. Each company would pay roughly $50 per copy. Under Amelia is where most of the major reshuffling to place, he canceled the development of the next stage of the MAC SO.

Amelia lead the company into three major reorganizations, several deep pay cuts and dispute this move they lost over $1. 6 billion, at the worldwide market dropped from 6% to 3%.

Amelia was forced out by the board and in September 1 997 Steven Jobs took over. In September 1997 Steven Jobs had to make some quick decisions for the company. He announced that they would be partnering with Microsoft who invested about $1 50 million into Apple Inc. This way they created Microsoft Office for MAC.

Jobs also stopped the licensing program the Amelia started.

After Jobs took over and the years passed he worked vigorously to up the different arenas that they worked wealth. Distribution of sales, Jobs move to open a store within McLean, Virginia in May 2001. As of June 2008 he had store in Australia, Canada, China, Italy, Japan and the J. Technology and Innovation, Jobs was able to create programs Just for the MAC platform and this happened in June 2005.

In 2001 Apple introduced a fully remodeled SO called MAC SO X and based on UNIX It offered a more stable environment.

The decisions that and commendation that I would have for this company would be none for the fact that Apple figured out what was going wrong within the company and did everything within their power to get everything back on track. When the company made Steven Jobs the new CEO In 1997 it was the best and greatest move that Apple could have made. Since Jobs was the advisor for a time In Apple It seems like he knew exactly what the problem was and how to solve them. Steven Jobs change the face of Apple from the creation of the Apple I to the development of the MAC SO X every move that

Jobs made turned out to be a wise one. As the market they were in created new opportunities Tort teem to partner Walt toner companies Ana develop a strategy where they net worth would be able to double over time with the right amount of work that they put in after Amelia create a mess back in 1993.

Another great move that Apple made was creating the desktop and the new wave production of the phone, pad, and ‘Pods. Although it was a gamble that they took with the Phone, it created a new wave of technology that would soon start sweeping the nation.

With he launch of the phone 36 it took off in 22 market simultaneously but in 2008, the would be phone killer was that other phone companies rushed to create other touch screen phone to sell on the market. In the first 10 years of the company’s life they went through so many changes after a while Steven Jobs noticed that they created a fusion of fashion, brand, industrial design and computing which indeed has changed the game in the world of technology. Reference: Sins, M. , & Huffier, D.

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