Case Study: Arnott’s Emporio Marketing Strategy

The brand was targeting a niche high- class market, to illustrate prestige and quality. The target audience included successful women over 30. However, the product was repositioned in the middle of 2003, with various campaigns to target a different market. In order to successfully Implement these changes, a business must first segment Its market, in order to clearly identify the demands of the potential customers. Segmentation can occur through aspects of: Geographic location The selection of Memories is available nation wide, with over 95% of supermarkets accepting the products.

However, particular attention is paid to particular regions, such as highly populated metropolitan areas, where the range and quantity of products are greater. Demography I née targeted age NAS not Tittered Trot ten Orlando positioning AT ten product, however, particular attention is given to attract males, as well as maintaining the strong relation with women. This is achieved via adapting and introducing new lines. Emperor remain a premium biscuit, and thus are tailored to the “white collar” professions, with medium to high income.

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Cacography Through changes in the lifestyles of this demography, a new more casual trend of entertaining has emerged, for which purpose this product is been portrayed. Behavior The Emperor brand has kept with tradition of providing an image of Supreme quality ND prestige, however, one, which can be, now enjoyed daily. Product It is important to identify the product at different levels; at the core the product is a biscuit to be consumed with coffee. This core product is surrounded by another level of identification, which allows the Emperor brand to be recognized as one of quality.

This is the actual product where different styles of the original Emperor, combine with the quality and brand recognition of Earnests. The success of Emperor can be enjoyed, due to its successfully implementation of positioning strategies, where an immediate image of value and quality was assigned tit the Emperor name.

A combination of positioning strategies was used include: Positioning by benefits and quality – where the different range of biscuits always insured that ingredients very used of the highest quality and at they’re freshest.

Positioning by price – people often associated a product’s price with its quality. Emporium’s ranges of biscuits are a premium biscuit far expense than others available on supermarket shelves, reinforcing it as a quality product. Positioning by usage occasion – in its earlier marketing, the biscuit was shown as an occasional product. Through repositioning the biscuit provides a separate range, for “daily indulgence”.

Packaging for the Emperor brand has been recognized as an important determined in its success by Errant’s vice president of brand management Peter West.

Packaging was “instrumental in ensuring the welcome, and positioning the brand”, he says. I née Emperor range Is packaged to De recognized as a superior Locust, wanly resemble cafe© quality biscuits, via its individual packaging of each biscuit. The packaging also shows clearly with vivid colors and pictures of the type of biscuit used to distinguish between other competitors. Price Emperor also implements a range of pricing policies. To represent high quality and distinguish itself from other ranges of biscuits it implements price points; along with price and quality interactions.

Where customers believe a higher price can be associated with better quality. Since Emporium’s remain an exclusive product, a relatively high price can be changed in order to maximize profits, market skimming. Promotion The Emperor brand has employed numerous advertising methods to create awareness, and ultimately induce convection to purchase their product. The use of action wide television advertisements in 2003, to reposition the brand has seen a come back in late 2004. Combined with regular advertisement in respected food, and fashion magazines.

Television: The television ads portrays the target market of success businessmen and women in post of lawyers, secretaries, and other executive roles enjoying a relaxing “treat” with their coffee, whist singing the Jingle. The brand has also made use of ‘below the line’ promotion techniques, free sampling and point-of-purchase displays. Product sampling has mostly occurred to encourage other styles of the Emperor biscuit via online grocers. Place Emperor Biscuits are able to use the Earnests brand and worth to gain access to direct channels, where the product is distributed to metropolitan areas, along with shopping centers across the nation.