Case Study Potential Sources of the Problem

What are the potential sources of the problem? One potential source of the problem is that hospital staff members are not being trained initially on the proper data entry procedures. If staff were never trained when they first began working for Interest Healthcare then Vicar Sings cannot expect perfection from the employees. Additionally, there may not be existing training documents accessible to healthcare workers. Healthcare workers most likely have a jack of time in their day to complete all of their assigned tasks.

A doctor that focuses on patient care may not weigh data entry as important and as a result less time will be spent on entering information in the system.

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2. What information would you want to analyze? Would want to analyze what type of model of behavior was being used by the managers of Interest Healthcare. My assumption is that the managers operate under a good-citizen model, which makes an assumption that “employees have a strong personal desire to do a good Job; they take pride in their work and want to excel” (Brinkley, Smith, and Zimmerman, 2009, p. 6). I would also want to analyze how healthcare workers time is being broken down during each shift.

If managers want to emphasize the importance of data entry, than an appropriate amount of time needs to be allocated for such activities. 3. What actions might you recommend to increase the accuracy of the data entry? If managers at Interest Healthcare want to continue operating under a good-citizen model then I would make a recommendation that managers better communicate the goals and objectives of the data entry process.

Not only should the managers Increase their communication, but they must help their employees understand how to achieve their goals (Brinkley et al. , 2009). It is possible that healthcare workers do not understand the importance of proper data entry; if they understood the effects their actions were making on the company than under the good-citizen model of behavior, the employees would strive to do better.

I would recommend that managers give their healthcare workers paid time at the end of the day in order to complete their data entry information.

The opportunity cost of staying and implementing data entry may be more appealing to a healthcare worker if it’s paid time. 4. How does your view of behavior affect how you might address this consulting assignment? As someone who wants and strives for a positive work-life balance my Initial reaction to reading about the challenges that Interest Healthcare faces is that healthcare workers are not given enough time in the day to accurately enter all the necessary data into the management system. Healthcare workers often go from patient to patient and they do not have the time in-between patients to enter