Case study: Daner Associates an d Crako Industries

From the perspective of the sales manager Mike Teal, it would be est.

if the advertisement could show the consumer, especially the children the things they want to convey. However, it comes to the dilemma of this case where the requirement AT ten client Is gallant ten Dustless tenets I . T Is asked Tanat ten scene AT the advertisement should be more macho than the top-selling “G. L. Joe” and take some features of violence as possible as they can.

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While in the opinion of Tom’s, it is not the right thing they should do in that case because the target consumer of this toy is child, which is Just at the stage of absorbing knowledge from the world.

Therefore, the advertisement with so many elements of violence will not be accepted by the government or the parents of the children. Both the advertising company and the toy company are family-owned. In the advertising company itself, there are also divergences about this case. Some people hold that all they should do or their responsibility ids to finish the task that the client asked regardless of more considerations of other things.

But Tom does not agree with it wholly. In his opinion, people should take their own responsibility for the society in this case.

In details, he reposed that it should not contain so much violence in the advertisement for children. To the Crack Industries, because of the strike of the marketing the company is coming to the key stage relating to their future. That is why they pay so much attention to this advertisement.

Is it right that Tom insisted in his proposal without considering the influence that will have on the client? 1. 2 Ethics Issues 1. 2. 1 Social Responsibility Both Dander Associate and Crack Industries are members of the society no matter they are treated as individuals or groups.

And every member of the society has its elevate rights, and at the same time they should and must take its relevant responsibility (Isabella, Farrell , 2005).

First from the perspective of the Dander Associate–the advertising company, they are thought to convey or provide effective information for the consumer when they are making decisions. On one hand, they should make sure that the product worthy the beautiful words or packaging they have applied to it. Otherwise, it will be treated as a kind of cheating.

Therefore, it is their responsibility to confirm the detailed conditions of the products so that they old make sure that what they have provided for the consumer is really as what it is. On the other hand, after guaranteeing the quality or the content of the product, the second thing the company should keep in mind is that they should be cautious of the way they deal with things. For example, in this case, the target consumer of the toy is child, who is Just at the stage of the sensitive period and will be easily affected by the negative sides of the society.

Thus, the advertisement like this should attract more attention. And the company should fulfill their responsibility without any conditions. In a word, for the company providing service it is necessary for them to take their social responsibilities into considerations after finishing the Job as the client asked. From the perspective of Crack Industries, it is the company needs service and also provides products for the society. When it is acting the role of the company seeking for help, all they need do should be proper.

In details, they should not ask for some service illegal or against the social rules.

As a business company, what they seek for should not only include the profits, but also meet with the requirements that the society has provided for them. In this case, what the Crack Industries provides is the toy modeled as the military helicopters. To some extend, it is not only a toy used to make recreation Tort centre. On ten toner nana, It NAS mace Tulle use AT ten children’s psychology, especially the boys’. What’s more, the element of the military is involved in it, which will have a great influence on the development of children.

The key point here is how the children perceive this issue.

People will comprehensive something at the first sight of their seeing. Therefore, it is pivotal for the Crack Industries to give children what kind of advertisements. Based on its requirements, it could be easily found that they are Just taking their own profits into considerations regardless of any influences on children. Actually, they have not fulfilled the responsibility that the society has given them. 1.

2. 2 Social Regulations Every citizen living in the society should abide by the regulations the society has made for the people living in it.

And so does the company located in it. In this case, if the advertising company Just do their Job as the client asked, it will go against the regulations that the society has made for the people living it (Savage, 1991). When Tom put forward his proposal and his misgivings, there are refused at once. In the opinion of the Crack Industries, they did not take the social regulations seriously.

They regards that referring to the network regulations many other toy advertisements have broken them. On the other hand, they are forcing the advertising company to violate the network regulations.

Otherwise, they will think of choosing another company to realize their requirements. Thus in another sense, they are doing the illegal things themselves. Then it comes to the part that Tom is taking.

The company that Tom is working in are trying their best to fulfill the client’s requirement no matter it is legal or illegal. If they succeed to finish their Job, then they will go against the social regulations. Otherwise, they will lost their client and even fail in the competition with others in the long term run.

Basically, as a social member what they want to do should follow the social regulations. 1.

3 Stakeholder Dander Associate is relevant with many stakeholders, competitors, community, government, customers and mass Media. They are to affect or be affected by other stakeholders (Yves, 2008). The company itself is also family-owned. Members of it hold different viewpoints as to this case. Most of them are in favor of the idea that they should Just finish their Job as asked without more considerations of the morality or ethics.

They Just regard themselves as businessmen.

Thus in their opinion, the goal of their business is Just to complete the task of the client and at the same time to seek for fortune as possible as they could. The authorities of the networks do not agree with their proposal for the toy advertisement because they think that it does not correspond with the relevant regulations. However, based of the requirement of the client, the advertising company under the stress of its client is forced to take risks to do that. If they succeed, the authorities will fail to fulfill their Job.

Only if the illegal things are controlled or smothered before they are finished, could their Job be successful.

The Crack Industries, who are at the stage of trying their best to save their company that nearly falls behind the market, hopes the advertising company could give them a wonderful advertisement so that they could revive with their new product. The dilemma of this case Just troubles them much. Because all they want to show in the advertisement is Just against the regulation. Therefore, they also have great relationship with this case.

The customer of this case not only includes the toy company, but also includes the final customer, which is also the target customer of ten toy nilpotent–canceller Based on tenet special counterblasts, no matter ten government or the mass media will pay more attention to this group of social members.

Thus too much of violence contained in the advertisement is the key point to solve this dilemma. 2. 0 Stakeholder Analysis The stakeholder interaction model 2. Special Interest Group Different from the adult, the child belongs to the weak group that needs much care.

They do not have the ability to discriminate the good things among the whole of a mess.

Therefore, it needs all aspects of the society to pay attention to them, making sure that they will have a comfortable and safe environment from the perspectives of both psychology and physics. And to some extend, the psychology will have a bigger influence on their growth. In this case, both the businessmen and customers are caught up in the dilemma where no matter which side they choose it will not be perfect. There is no doubt that children are more easily attracted by something aggressive, such as violence.

However, there is a divergence between the children’s needs and the government’s requirement. It is the key point how to attract children without the things that have been forbidden by the government.

2. 2 Consumers Tom knows that consumer should be treated as God, and their duty is to fulfill the consumer’s desire. If things go as they have predicted, then there will be no problems. The direct consumer of this case is the Crack Industries, which has asked for some requirements that are out of the regulations that the society has provided or its members.

What they want to show children is really amazing for them.

However, it will make bad influence on their later growing with much violence. 2. 3 Government In this case, the role of the government has been hidden. While there is still relationship between this case. The government is regarded as the heart of the country, which means that they manage the whole country from the macro perspective and make regulations to keep the country in order.

They will keep the weak group away from the potential harm.

For example, children are protected from many perspectives to keep them grow without any harm from the society. On the other hand, the government also keep an eye on the implement of its regulations. The advertising company tries to violate the regulation under the stress of its client. Therefore, the government in this case stays at the place of macro-control.

2. 4 Mass Media This case belongs to the advertisement that has great relationship with the mass media. The new product of the client depends much on the way of its introduction to ten puddle. O everything auto It snouts De treated seriously. I née mass meal also has its own rules when dealing with things in its own field.

They must manage the advertisements that are going to enter the market. In the process of their work, apart from the regulations they have made ahead of the event, they will involve more elements of the ethics. Being an organization of service, it is their responsibility to give the public something good, something reliable, something worth trusting. Therefore, it is very significant for them to carry out their obligations.

Shareholders In fact, the shareholders of Tom’s company will have a great impact on the decision making about the advertisement.

Most of them are Just caring about the profits they will get in the advertisement. Instead of the morality or business ethics, they prefer to choose the fortune or money. As they are the family-owned company, they have the right to decide everything of the company. Therefore, between the profit of the company and business ethics, which side they will choose will be the key point that affects the final decision of this case. 3.

Recommendations In this section, several recommendations will be given respectively. For example: A: Stakeholder of Dander Associate In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to make it clear what is the most important thing in the process of the decision making in business. The dilemma that Tom was caught up in is that there is some difficulty in choice between the business ethics and profits. For the long-term interests, Tom should first abide by the regulations of the network so that they could survive in the serious competition with its advantage of credit.

In conclusion, they should keep in mind these principles: 1) Stick to the regulations 2) Do not do anything that will harm their credit 3) Make more communications with its client B: Stakeholder of Crack Industries Another phenomena that has been mentioned is that the market of the toy with any features of violence is nearly set, which means that both the government and parents have realized this problem.

In details, they detest this kind of toy because it has really made bad effects on the development of children. Moreover, the Crack Industries will also benefit from it based on such background.

Parents are inclined to choose the toy that will bring more positive influence on their children. In a word: 1) Do researches about the toy marketing they are entering 2) Make an analysis on the current status that are staying at 3) Solve the problem by providing the toy that are liked by both children and parents 4) Reduce the element f violence in their product to keep their company go far 5) Complete the obligations that the society has asked According to the recommendations mentioned above, there is still a compromise to deal with it so that both the two companies will get what they want without doing any harm to the society.