Case Study – Eslsca Workplace Violence

Table of Contents 1 Problem Definition Violence at workplace : Happened in the form of physical abuse and threat, that causes the murder of three supervisors with clear intentions from the murdered. 2 Justification of the Problem Violence at work may come Trot Unfair treatment Unfair dismissal Lack of equality Persecution of supervisors or Managers. Workplace not safe and healthy enough. 3 List of Alternatives 1 .

Violence Prevention Program 2. Workplace Safety Plans and Safety Standards .

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Clear Policies to prevent violence in workplace 4 Evaluate Alternatives 4. 1 Violence Prevention Program As each organization has different environments, The Violence Prevention Program will study The organization workplace individual behaviors, attitudes, and organizational culture Violence Prevention Program gives real analysis for the current situation and determines the real reasons why violence happened at this workplace. (Regarding Individual, group and organizational behaviors and cultures) Also it will focus on the enhancement of personal strengths, conflict resolution and he development of community relationships.

Also studying how to stop, How to reduce the frequency of violence and preventing it to return back again.

Will help organization to stop violence and preventing it back again By the end of this program Organization will be able to monitor and control any workplace issues and events and take the protective and corrective actions. Program should have : Management Commitment. Worker involvement. Workshop about How to resolve conflicts at workplace. How to help workers & employees and give them real solutions; what they should or would not do.

Risk of violence assessment.

Awareness and Training of violence. Safety and health training; Enhancement of personal strengths, Conflicts Resolution. Development of Community Relationships. On JODI training How to resolve the daily issues.

How to listen in a sensitive and caring manner for issues. Worksheets and workplace analysis records ; Reconsidering and program evaluation to measure the violence in work space . 4. 2 Workplace Safety Plans and Safety Standards Safety plan focus on physical security part which helps organization to monitor and intro violence and protect workplace by setting Physical security system.

Physical Security entrance Gates ; which will discover any type of weapons Security Camera.

Security system Process and procedure. 4. 3 Clear Policies to prevent violence in workplace This policies aims to ensure that there is no Threatening behavior or conduct of any individual Associated with that workplace, including employees and customers, Everyone should be able to work without fear of violence or harassment, Everyone should be able to work in a safe and healthy workplace. Violence in the workplace is to tolerated. Recommendation Violence start from individual which transfer it to group then will effect organization, so it will be better to prevent violence from root and start with individual , family schools and provide program and training about violence and prevention violence , workshop Workshop and Training about Conflicts Resolution: How to resolve conflicts with other. Supporting people : How to help and support other and give them real solutions; Critical situations: What they should or should not do in different situations Risk of violence assessment.

Awareness of violence