Case Study Example Xyz Corp.

This case study reviews the successful licensing agreement between Sample Company and XYZ Corporation to provide a one-stop recruitment resource for businesses at nameofwebsite. com.The XYZ section of this site empowers job seekers with a unique way to market themselves anonymously and gives employers a browser-based e-recruiting tool to connect to the best high-traffic job sites and hard-tofind candidates. The site was designed to: • • • Lure out-of-state workers to explore quality of life and career opportunities in State List State job opportunities in target industries (information technology, advanced manufacturing and life sciences) House job seeker information The site also includes: • • • • Information about living in State Salary and moving calculators School and city reports Additional State links and data 10/13/04, M. Rembrandt Case Study Sample Supplier XYZ Corporation About XYZ Corporation XYZ Corporation is a leading e-recruitment infrastructure solution provider and currently powers 60 sites comprising over 20,000 registered recruiters of its powerful Recruiter Desktop solution. XYZ’s scalable Solution enables newspapers, magazines, publishers, associations and vertical communities to quickly add a full-featured Career Center to their Web site, offering a cost-effective way to increase content value, traffic, and revenue.

XYZ provides affiliates with everything they need to build, grow, and maintain a successful center and capture their share of the billion dollar e-recruiting market. This not only includes software and hosting services, but also customer service, billing and merchant services, email marketing, job content, access to a database of over 200,000 candidates, integrated access to a marketplace of leading services, and distribution. In addition, the XYZ Desktop, a Web-based application, seamlessly connects users with a one-stop marketplace of the best job sites – right from their desktop.Located in City, the company is privately held and funded by individual, institutional and media company investors. End User Sample Co, About SAMPLE CO. Sample Co.

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is a resource for businesses. The SAMPLE CO. ‘s mission is to retain, expand and attract jobs, continuously improve State’s business climate, and grow State businesses for the future. 2 10/13/04, M. Rembrandt Case Study Sample Objectives of SAMPLE CO. Choosing XYZ’s Online Recruitment Solution > > > > > >To quickly create a mechanism for employers and job applicants to connect in an efficient manner To effectively increase awareness nationwide of job opportunities in State To increase the number of new visitors to the State.

org site To have employers post jobs To have candidates post profiles to the site To have 44,000 new site visitors Quotes > “We chose XYZ because we didn’t want to create the software ourselves, and they are a State company who could provide us with a complete, effective solution. ” Name, research and development coordinator, SAMPLE CO. Our new advertising campaign represents a dramatic shift in our economic development efforts from business to worker recruitment. Using XYZ’s specially-designed software on our new Web site will provide a powerful tool in our efforts to attract high tech workers. ” Name, president and CEO of the Sample Organization “With 60 leading Internet sites and over 20,000 organizations using XYZ’s leading-edge technology, we feel that we can significantly help SAMPLE CO. inform professionals across the nation about jobs in State.

We are thrilled to be part of State’s skilled worker recruitment efforts. ” Name, founder and president, XYZ Corporation ; ; How was the program implemented? ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Meetings were held between the SAMPLE CO. and XYZ, and the affiliate agreement was signed. The XYZ Affiliate Relationship Manager sent the written deployment plan to the SAMPLE CO. ‘s primary contact person. An initial conference call discussing site customization was held, and a few days later, the first version of the site was available for review by the SAMPLE CO.

Changes and updates were then discussed, reviewed and approved by SAMPLE CO. staff members. SAMPLE CO. staff members discussed public relations and marketing services with XYZ. SAMPLE CO.

staff members received site and customer service training. The new site was deployed and announced to the public. The XYZ service teams communicated closely with SAMPLE CO. staff members before, during, and after site deployment to assure complete satisfaction. XYZ provided continuous support after the site launch.

3 10/13/04, M. Rembrandt Case Study Sample What were the tools used? > > >Affiliate agreement Deployment plan E-recruitment solution to increase content value and return customer visits Anonymous candidate profiles Allow job seekers to market themselves while controlling identity disclosure Enable employers to find hard-to-reach candidates Resume storage in PDF format for original “look and feel” One-click searching to match candidates and employers XYZ Product Web-based tool combining tracking functionality, that streamlines the entire process, and unlimited cross-posting to the best, high-traffic free and fee-based job sites Includes Manager, Manager 2, Search Manager, Preferences, and Services to easily manage jobs and responses XYZ Product 2 This knowledge-based system looks for precise matches using thesaurus-type word meanings and concepts rather than simple, vague, key words. For example, when searching for “programmer,” the system will find and match all jobs relating specifically to this career field rather than only locate positions with the word “programmer” in the job description. > Teams Customer service Marketing and sales Public relations Web development IT specialists > Engineering and Operational Services State-of-the-art technology Infrastructure Security and Reliability Performance Back-up and recovery >Publicity Advertising (SAMPLE CO. hired professional advertising agency) Radio and Television Extensive research on target market Direct mail 4 10/13/04, M.

Rembrandt Case Study Sample Quote Name, SAMPLE CO. “The site was embedded in the SAMPLE CO. site so that we could offer visitors information about State, a network of tools from numerous vendors, and a career resource center all on one Web site. ” What was the length of the time involved in implementing the site? After meeting to discuss specifics of the site, deployment occurred within 14 days. Quote Name, SAMPLE CO.

“From initial development to deployment, it was a very short period of time. ” Results >Immediate benefits of site Increase in site visitors New visitors posted profiles Completely new visitors came to the site strictly because of the e-recruitment section Numbers First week site deployed = 3,258 visits Second week, site visitors = increase of 85% In 24 weeks, site received 71,843 new visitors, surpassing the goal of 44,000 Percentage of goal achieved = 163. 28% First week site deployed = 128 registered candidates Second week, registered candidates increased 145% In 24 weeks, site received 5,026 registered candidates, surpassing the goal of 1500 Percentage of goal achieved = 335. 07% > Quotes Name, SAMPLE CO. > > “Our goal was to have 44,000 visitors to the site. We exceeded this goal within one month of the site’s deployment.

“The site has certainly met our objectives. We are planning phase two because our e-recruitment solution is working so well.The site was launched in a very short period of time, and now we are making updates to meet our needs as the site progresses to the next level. “This was a new site so we weren’t in the e-recruitment business at all before the site went up. We did this extensive ad campaign in several states. We had 1500 visitors when the site was first deployed and started seeing an increase in visitors within days.

” > 5 10/13/04, M. Rembrandt Case Study Sample Why should other companies have an online recruitment site? “Without a doubt, I would suggest having an online recruitment site to other companies. You can find the type of people you are recruiting. Specifically, high tech