Case Study for ABC

In mid-May, Carl was contacted regarding the arrangements for orientation and the operations previous was assured that everything would be arranged in time. Less than two Knees to the schedule orientation, Carl found incomplete applications, medical screenings not done, training materials not prepared, and a scheduling conflict with the training site. Carl must find a way to successfully complete this orientation and training that has already been scheduled. Problem 1 – Incomplete applications. Employment applications were not checked for completeness and accuracy at the time of submission.

A company cannot hire prospective employees using incomplete applications.

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Discussion. A company should not hire employees when it is obvious that an application package is not complete. If company policy requires additional Information (transcripts, physical examinations, and drug screenings), then the application is not complete without it and should not be accepted. Proposed solution. Hiring agent should, at the time of prospective employee ‘s Interview, identify missing or incomplete information and allow applicant the opportunity to complete the application and retrieve any required additional information, such as transcripts.

The company should not offer potential employees Jobs until their application has been checked and verified for accuracy and/or completeness. Problem 2 – Medical screening. Company policy requires that a physical examination and drug screen be completed for each new employee. No physical examination or drug screening had been completed for any of the 15 newly hired employees. Discussion.

The company medical clinic performs the drug screening on all new employees.

Yet the company also requires physical examinations but does not specify who is responsible for the cost or who will perform the physical examinations, the company medical clinic or the applicants personal physician. Proposed solution. Since drug screenings and physical examinations are conditions set forth by the company as requirements for hiring, they should be part of the application process and paid for by the company. An applicant should not be hired until the required physical exam and drug screening tests are performed and results documented.

Make a company policy that the hiring of new employees is contingent upon the results of such required tests, and make this new policy part of the entire application package, as a whole.

He company needs to immediately schedule and coordinate with the medical clinic, physical exams and drug screenings for the 15 new employees. This should be the company’s most immediate concern because some of the tests required for the hysterical exam may require several days to a week for results to be obtained and applicant’s may not pass this part of application process.

Problem 3 – Inadequate training materials. Orientation requires the use of company manuals and policy booklets. Only three incomplete manuals could be located.

Discussion. Orientation training has 1 5 new employees scheduled, but company annuals and policy booklets are not available in sufficient quantity to allow training to be completed as scheduled. Proposed solution. Since the company uses a company manual and policy booklets, such training materials should always be on hand and in sufficient supply to allow for the training of new employees.

One solution would be for the company to have staff members copy the number of manuals required. This is not a feasible solution because of time constraints (less than two weeks until orientation), and the fact that not one complete training manual could not be located.

Also feel this would put unwarranted stress on not only the employees, but company resources, such as copiers, supplies, and the final binding of the manuals. Ere most viable solution would be to have a professional print and copy the company manual and any policy booklets for this one scheduled orientation.

Keep one of the professionally produced manuals as a master copy, thus allowing staff to easily be able to copy, if necessary, manuals for use and always be able to keep sufficient quantities available. Iris will also ensure that you have a completed and professional looking product Ninth which to give to newly hired employees. A professional looking product will give a new employee the impression most companies desire, the feeling that this company cares about its employees enough to have the best, most accurate materials available to them at all times.

When employees see a good solid quality product, they will want to produce the same. Problem 4 – Training site. The classroom used for orientation and training is also a multi-function room used by all employees conducting various training classes. The classroom was reserved by more than one employee for the same time. Discussion. Improper scheduling led to a conflict and two employees reserved the same room for the same time, but for entirely different training events.

Inadequate scheduling of training room has caused some to be frantically searching for a new training location.

Proposed solution. Obtain an alternative site to hold the orientation and training that has already been scheduled. The company should set up a coordinator to schedule room availability to ensure employees reserving rooms are not left looking for alternative sites. If all employees are required to use this one coordinator for scheduling of the room, the chances of avian a scheduling conflict are minimized.

Conclusion. Carl mistakenly assumed that things would run smoothly and that he need not worry about getting things done because he had plenty of time.

It is obvious to me that Carl was inadequately trained as to what his exact responsibilities as a “company recruiter” would be. He should not have had difficulty anticipating what “orientation training” entailed. After all, he is a relatively new employee himself and went through this very same orientation less than six months ago.

I feel that Carol’s greatest benefit would be from the implementation of a training schedule. This would map out on a calendar exactly Neat orientation class or training requirements need to be accomplished and how long it will take to complete each.

A training schedule Mould also eliminate employees from having to rush to try and get things accomplished at the last minute. Due to his inexperience and presumptuous attitude, Carl has placed the company in a potentially damaging and possibly liable position. Not only will the company have to pay for physical examinations that it may not normally have had to pay for, they will also have to pay to have training materials rented and copied to ensure adequate supplies are available for training already scheduled.

Supervisors should periodically check status tot assignments given to employees and make sure that things are progressing as smoothly as they are being told. The company could benefit from a top-down review of the training program itself for it appears to be unrecognized at best, and its lack of oversight is evident. When new employees are placed in an environment where quality is the main focus, an unrecognized orientation program can set the stage for poor quality output.