Case Study: Fundamental Differences of Infrastructure

Differences of Infrastructure and Management Practices in Organizations BY Tontine Case # 1 Cite some examples from your own experience In which you felt service quality was truly top-notch and some in which it was not. What do you think might be some of the fundamental differences in the infrastructure and management practices of these organizations? In our third year schooling in college, I , together with my dear bestrides, experienced a lot in different canteens where we chose to eat our lunch especially near at our school. We cannot help but to differentiate it to one another.

Actually, before we don’t have this so called “sucking Kantian”, but we always eating in this canteen, a few steps beside our school Just because It Just a waste of time for us to look more for another canteen. And beside we already know and we’ve been friends with the owner and her workers.

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But If the satisfaction will be asked, then we’re not. They serve or prepared the same dishes everyday, yet, It still does NT meet our taste satisfaction. And also the place, it is not likable and approachable. It is not also a healthy environment because there is so many mosquitoes and we all know what might it bring to our health.

Not like today,our new chosen canteen is more better than the first one. They have lot of dishes but not always the same and the taste is good, even the place is very likable and the owner and her workers are very friendly.

So far, I am satisfied to their service. Discuss the Implications of the following statements with respect to introducing TX principles In a college classroom. Do you agree with them? How do they reflect TX principles? What changes In traditional learning approaches would they require for both students and Instructors? A.

Embracing a customer focus doesn’t mean giving students all As and abandoning standards. Yes.

Students doesn’t become a real students if they doesn’t receive any standardized requirements or activities to their school. Customer focusing is good but it must be have standard to meet or exceed the hidden ability of those students. B. If students fall, the system has failed. Yes.

We connect It to IQ principles, teamwork. It Touches attention on system- student relationship that involves the total workforce. With the help of one another, no one will fail.

Traditionally, instructors does not let the students interfere to their class decisions, but for my owe case # 2 Deeming three points Improve constantly and forever the system of production and service to improve quality and productivity, and thus constantly decrease costs. As we all know, all kinds of business must be globally competitive in order to avoid threat from substitute. Businesses must simultaneously in the modernized world.

Improving the system of production and service, constantly and forever wrought innovation with the qualitative productivity improvement to decrease costs.

Example of this is the cellophane. Innovating cellophane are continually improving. Those much worn by age cellophane are already vanished caused by the new augmented cellophane. Institute training on the Job Some managers or owners are not focusing or not conformity with the training for they think it Just a waste of time and money.

Example of this are those who engaged in small establishments. They are not paying too much attention in training that may result on weak productivity. They are not well- knowledge for they are lack of training.

Even the artists’ needs training before they go on to their respective career to have successful outcome. Break down barriers between departments.

People in research, design, sales, and production must work as a team, to foresee problems of production and those that may be encountered with the product or service. % Optimizing the efforts of every employees as teams make strengthen and more workable environment between the departments and individuals. This was closely related to the saying, “no man is an island”. If we connect it to management- employee relationship, teamwork must be present between them.

No one must be self-centered because being selfish leads to poor quality of production.

Being together is important to remove barriers and to achieved the desired goal. One cannot do anything successful, alone. Example is the government and his/her people specifically here in our country. Government alone cannot do his task nor achieving a desired goal if he works by all himself. People alone can’t possessed his/her desired way of living if the government is contrary, likewise, government can’t govern the entry stressfully IT Nils people contract to Nils echelons.

O, as we can see, teamwork is needed to be implement to the both parties. If they have solid teamwork, they what is good for one another and for the country that even invaders can’t destroy. Sovereign government that works together with his people will surely not an easy work to destroy by those invaders who want to invade our country. Same in business, the government is the management, his people is the employee, invaders are the competitors and the country is the business.