Case Study Jextra

What cross-cultural differences may be at play in this situation? Cross culture comes in where persons of different cultures are involved in one venture.

The differences at play in the case study include the Asian nature of Extra Stores retailer No had to operate in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia amongst others, and all possessing different cultures. Malaysia in its own had multi ethnic people and thus a spot on for differences. The move by Extra to Klan would call for more differences engendering the natives and European retailers who would also be present.

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The business further had employees and customers from several walks of life thus more cultural differences. 2. Does Chon understand exactly what the Mayor has asked of him? Is he correct to assume that this may be a request for a bribe? From the conversation between Mayor and Chon, Chon did not at first understand him and thus requested him to be more specific, after which he understood of the possibilities of a bribe.

He did not know whether he was to cater for part or the entire cost for the primary school, leave alone the payment time.

Chon is right to assume Mayor’s request as bribery since it is accepting his offer that will aid in Extra being allowed a store next to the sports arena. 3. What are Songs options as to how to proceed in the case? Should he ask the Mayor more directly what he meant? Should he confer with his supervisor for guidance? Should he try to determine whether such contribution would be legal under Malaysian law? Chon had the option of seeking advice from local lawyers concerning criminal liability in Hong Kong on the aments to the school and the flyover as well.

He should refrain from obtaining more from the mayor since he already learnt of his sister being involved in the primary school development.

Chon could go ahead to decline the offer and acquire the new premise regularly. 4. Regarding Songs suspicions regarding Lam, what should he do? Should he investigate in some way, and if so, how? Or should he, as the English expression goes, “let sleeping dogs lie? ” Since Chon as well as the colleagues knew of the suspicions he should go ahead and set investigations since deter safe than sorry.

Further, despite overlooking the money and time, in the long run it could be a great savior to the business. Chon should first get all the evidence and go ahead to launch the investigation.

Letting the dogs lie would as well be a threat to his Job if the suspicions turned true. 5. What guidance does Jester’s Business Code of Conduct provide for each of Songs ethical dilemmas? Jester’s Business Code of Conduct requires business to be ethical, legal, of honesty as well as Integrity. With regard to Songs dilemmas, he should not follow the mayor’s offer as

Mould amount to bribery, and secondly, he should immediately acquire evidence and launch investigations against Lam’s suspicions rather than leaving the same at rest. 5. What are the pressures Chon faces to perform well, and what are the pressures he faces to perform ethically? Songs pressures to perform well include the competitors in the business field who are also willing to set up in Klan and the aim to increase profits.

The pressure to ethical performance emanates from the Jester’s Business Code of Conduct by which he is governed.