Microsoft monopoly

More than 90% of the world’s software market is dominated by Microsoft.

Because of its user friendly packages and their efficient implications Microsoft has been able to rise and make its mark as an industry leader. Microsoft windows are one of the most important inventions in the history of organization. Windows is the most widely used system software and has a very high market share. For this dominance over desktop and networked software market, its research team is the most important phenomena.

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Development of smart products and packages with smart ideas to make them productive and effective Microsoft simply has been best in its area. How successful will Microsoft be in competing with software vendors that specialize in specific market applications like health care, detail, and other specialty services? Why? With so many years of experience in developing defining software’s and intellectual as well as creative research team to find out the best out of best Microsoft has very little to think about its competitors.

But because of its sophisticated and limited features, which may not support every system it may find it not that easy to keep its space in this growing market It’s always a risky business to have so many partners in vertical applications, and Microsoft has so much of it. So it may bring some kind of complications later on if not focused to manage it. Microsoft has been providing remarkable service in health care, retail and other specialty service in the recent years. It has broadened the Microsoft’s market and also has increased the productivity of the organizations using it.

Microsofts Case Study

Improvements regarding the limitations of the software, cost and availability, if looked after it can case study of Microsoft monopoly By enmity agree with Microsoft’s strategy to develop industry specific partners to capitalize on opportunities in both large and small business sectors? Is there an advantage or a disadvantage to being one of Microsoft’s partners in this type of relationship? Explain. Yes we do agree, because It’s always good to search out new and fresh segments of markets which have greater possibilities to flourish.

Creating a market, facilitating both user and the provider is what creating and finding opportunities about. But there are lots of things that are to be taken into consideration in order to make this effort more effective. Which segment to choose and how to give the best to it is one of the most important considerations to be made.

So with clear plans regarding what to do, where to do and which to do I think Microsoft’s strategy to evolve industry specific partners to capitalize on opportunities in both large and small business sectors is very intelligent. Microsoft is a growing name, one of the most reputed names in the industry so far and most widely used system. So relating with Microsoft organizations can gain competitive advantage and along with that their products become easily scalable. But along with that there comes the risk to survive among huge mass of competitors sharing the same brand value. Differentiation and organization’s self goodwill goes to stake with this decision to become Microsoft’s partner.