Case Study on Anorexia

Anorexia Case Study:

On the contrary there is the powerful factor of the environment and human society.

The image of beauty of our time is a slim woman without any extra kilo of weight, so young women strive to suit to the requirements of the modern world and look perfectly. Most women watch TV and see thousands of advertisements which show the ideal beautiful women everywhere. As a result women are influenced with this information and start doing their best to lose extra weight as fast as possible. Unfortunately, extra weight is not the limit. Women start to eat less, exclude some products from their daily meal and lose weight which is essential for the normal life.

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The interesting fact which supports the idea that anorexia is a psychological disorder is that being already very slim, a woman continues thinking she is fat and eats less and less. Without treatment and special therapies a woman who suffers from anorexia dies, that is why it is important to help the person on time to avoid such situations.The problem of anorexia is very urgent today, because more and more women suffer from it, so students are often asked to devote their attention to the problem and prepare a good case study on it. A successful case study should research the particular problem of anorexia and explain its cause and consequences. One should analyze what factors provoked the disorder and should try to brainstorm the effective solutions to the problem or at least weigh the presented ways out in the case. A good conclusion should summarize the paper which can value the importance of the problem in general.

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