Case Study on Behaviour Modification

Behaviour Modification Case Study:

Behaviour modification is the complex of efforts aimed at the improvement and correction of the human behaviour in order to make it suitable to the environment, time and place.

The techniques of behaviour modification are supposed to correct the human behaviour with the help of the various methods, including encouragement and punishment. It is obvious that different methods cause the different effect on the human behaviour and its effectiveness. The development and first ideas about behaviour modification appeared in the first part of the 20th century when the famous psychologists started thinking about the reasons of the behaviour problems. In order to cope with the problems it is important to brainstorm the right methods which can be appropriate to the patient, his social group, gender and age. The best results of the behaviour modification are received during the work with the younger people, especially children, because they are the most malleable to the influence of the corrector.

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Behavioural modification is important not just for the improvement of the student’s discipline at class but also for the increase of the company’s productiveness and employee’s behaviour. It is natural that every company is supposed to train its employees behave in the appropriate way during the communication with clients, investors, colleagues, etc. Employees can be trained in different ways. They both can be encouraged for success and punished for the failure. In the modern practice the application of punishment is not used, because with this way of behaviour modification one can achieve only stress and further reduction of the quality of work, because employees would concentrate not on the improvement of work but on the negative attitude towards the boss.

Behaviour modification is a complicated topic for the research, because the student should learn about the great number of the techniques and define the purpose and methods of behaviour modification. One is able to observe the topic in general and then look through the definite problem suggested by the professor. The case requires attention, responsibility and creativity. Young professionals are expected to dwell on the patient under research, find out about the behaviour problems and the important facts about his age, gender, occupation, family, etc. After that it will be easy to get to know about the cause and effect of the behaviour problems and brainstorm the right methods of behaviour modification for the definite patient.

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