Case Study on Chipko Movement

Chipko Movement Case Study:

Chipko movement is the well-known ecological movement which is aimed at the protection of forests from cutting down. The movement appeared in India in 1970-ies when the people started to get nervous because of the rapid process of deforestation in their country. The development of industry in India was followed by heavy felling of vast areas of forests and the local people who did not agree to these actions decided to protect trees in an interesting way – they hugged trees and protected them with their own bodies.

The idea became very popular and hundreds of people all over the country practised fastened themselves to the trees with the purpose to protect them from felling.Chipko movement functioned not to protect the natural environment, but to save the local villages which existed due to the use of the natural resources which could be found in the local forests.Nevertheless, the original idea of chipko movement inspired numerous organizations which protect natural environment from the harmful impact of people and the method of hugging and fastening to the trees became quite popular and effective all over the world. Furthermore, chipko movement is associated not only with the protection of the nature but with feministic movement due to the core role of women in it.Chipko movement is an interesting and original way to protect nature, so a student who has decided to research the case on it should improve his knowledge on the problem considerably. It is possible to read encyclopaedias, periodicals and articles in the web to collect information about chipko movement to understand its aims, principles, members and forms of activity.

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