Case Study on Culture and Heritage

In the movie there were many aspects of culture shown. Some were more obvious and visible while others were harder to find, you could call them Invisible. A visible aspect of culture Is one that can be seen showing up one someone’s behavior, or daily routine.

An Invisible aspect can only be seen through someone’s thoughts or concepts on life. The mall character Tulsa has had problems with being Greek her whole life. She was forced to go to Greek School, and taught that women were only good for marring, making babies and cooking food.

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This Is a weakness In Greek Culture. She should eave grown up with the thoughts of how she could do whatever she wants when she grows up and that she is capable of anything. All her life Tulsa wanted to be a pretty blonde eating her wonder bread sandwich at lunch and being very popular.

She had that dream crushed by the first time she attended school. The though on how education of women will make them want to leave the family is wrong and is without a doubt a weakness. At one point in the movie the father Costa say why is she doing this to me? Referring to how Tulsa wants to be educated about computers and learn more of how everyone else in society works. Costa blames Tulsa for leaving the Emily and wanting to defy him, when she truly only wants a better job, and improved perspective on the world. Although there are many weaknesses, there are also many strengths.

Greek Culture has the idea of being close to your family and being proud of who you are. These strengths take over all other weaknesses and are the most important.

Your family should be the most important thing in your life because they will never leave you for friends and should never turn on you so that you end up with no one. The proud sensation that comes off of Greeks is almost unbearable, and can be sometimes considered arrogance. Although I believe that this Is a very nice addition to the culture.

In Greek culture there are quite a few observable characteristics. One example of this would be the rule that is implied about never marrying someone who Is not Greek.

If someone disregards this rule their family will reject them, and their family will feel that they do not enjoy being Greek. Another visible aspect Is the one of eating a lot all the time. Greek women make food all day to feed their men. Since family Is so close they are always eating together at the one another’s houses.

Some invisible aspects of Greek Culture are there thoughts on men owning the souse. While men ruling is visible, the women controlling the men is invisible.

The men are the head of the household while the women are the neck, and can turn the head wherever they want. In addition Greek women manipulate how men think, and make teem suspect teeny outhunt AT all ten good Idea’s themselves. All in all Greek Culture is very interesting. There are many strength’s, weaknesses, invisible and visible aspects to the culture and they seem to have a good idea on how life should be.

Family first, then everyone else is one idea that everyone should agree with.