Case Study on Data Mining

Data Mining Case Study:

Data mining is the complicated process which is characterized with the collection and analysis of the unknown data and its transformation into simpler algorithms which are known by the people who do not have mathematical education in order to use this data in various spheres of human life.

Data mining is closely connected with computer science and studies the methods of information management which includes the methods of classification, modelling, prediction, etc. which are based on the use of artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, decision tree learning, evolutionary programming, content-addressable memory, fuzzy logic, etc. Among the methods of data mining there are many statistic methods (descriptive analysis, factor analysis, analysis of variance, component analysis, linear discriminant analysis and others).However, such methods presuppose certain knowledge about the data under analysis, that does not meet the aims of data mining (discovery of the earlier unknown data which can be useful on practice). The process of the solution of the problem with the help of the methods of data mining consists of several core components. First of all there is a great data base.

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Then, there is a supposition that there is certain hidden knowledge in this data basis, which should be found.Artificial intelligence tries to find this information with the help of various methods worked out by the experts. Under the term of hidden knowledge one understands the knowledge which is not known by anyone, because it can not be seen (it can be discovered only with the help of profound calculations). Moreover, this information should have practical use and possibility for interpretation.In order to succeed in the process of data mining case study writing one should research the topic deeply to improve knowledge on the problem. If one is aware of the principles of the problem, he will be able to solve the puzzle of a case study suggested by the professor.

A good case study should possess a logical structure, brand new ideas, up-to-date content, etc. A student is supposed to use his critical thinking skills to define the cause of the problem and its effect. In the end, one should analyze the value of the problem and suggest the effective methods for its solution.The Internet and a free example case study on data mining tools can be the best solution of the problem connected with the process of case study writing, because every example paper is written by the professional writer. With the help of a free sample case study on data mining and data warehousing one can learn to analyze the problem correctly, format and construct the proper composition for the paper and draw the right conclusions.