Case Study on Decision Making for Managers

Case Study: Decision Making for Managers

Decision making is the process which embraces the terms and methods of mathematics, statistics, economics, management and psychology which the purpose of selection of the most reasonable steps and actions for the solutions of the definite problems. Decision making is the most important process in any serious activity, especially in business. Every management who has the duty to control the work of the employees of the lower level has to devote many efforts to inform, teach and evaluate the employee’s work objectively. The manager’s task is to maintain the working process in the right order. Furthermore, he is expected to facilitate the employees’ work, help them with the solution of the definite problems and improve the employee’s qualification in the intensive way.

It is natural that every novice employee does not possess working experience and the manager’s duty is to teach him the basics of his work and the rules of cooperation and coexistence in the staff. The job is quite serious and requires responsibility, so the manager has to be enough wise to make the right decisions which would be for the good and prosperity of the company. The manager has to take the active part in the process of recruitment and selection and his decision concerning the approval of the applicant has to be reasonable and objective; otherwise the novice employee will simply waste the company’s resources and time. Moreover, the manager is responsible for his department, so he has to brainstorm the constructive ways of development, introduce innovations into the process of production and share his brilliant ideas with the executives of the company and the employees of the lower level.Decision making for managers is the favourable topic for the research, because the student is able to learn about the process of decision making in business a lot. The young person has the duty to understand the importance of decision making for every manager in order to catch the seriousness and responsibility of the issue.

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The case study is always written about the certain definite episode, event or person whose decision was positive or negative for the activity o the company. The student is asked to dwell on the cause and effect of the chosen problem on decision making and try to solve it in the constructive way.The quality of the case study depends on the student’s writing skills and creativity, so one is able to find the additional help in the Internet and read a free example case study on decision making for managers composed by the smart writer. One has the right to use the piece of the online advice of a free sample case study on decision making for managers and learn to construct the appropriate structure of the text and to format the paper well.